Venom’s Twin Docking Station Review


Batteries in controllers can be a blessing and a pain at the best of times. You could be in the middle of a high-octane race in FORZA Motorsport 7 or deep in a gun battle to the death on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Either way, when they die you are left scampering about looking for your batteries. It doesn’t matter if you have rechargeable batteries or not, you would still be looking about for them if you don’t keep them in some sort of container like myself (borderline OCD)

The Twin Docking Station lets you charge your controllers while you’re not using them. So rather than using the controller as you play via USB, the Docking Station lets you charge them during your downtime and it does this very rapidly too. It’s a fairly straight-forward process, all you do is insert the Venom battery pack into your Xbox Controller, which replaces the batteries, as well as the battery cover on the back of the controller and you simply place it on the Docking Station to begin charging the battery pack. There is an LED light on the front, which lights up red while the packs are being charged. They turn green once charging is complete and you are then ready to start gaming.

When you first place the battery pack into the controller, there is a bit of a squeeze and it feels at times you are forcing it in. Don’t be afraid to push it in as you will not damage your controller, and its better to have it fit tightly in rather than it rattling about while you use it. Due to the battery pack replacing your batteries and the cover on the back of the controller, it does kind of ruin the overall look of certain custom or special edition controllers. This is not to say it looks completely out of place, as it looks fine with any controller that has dark or blackish colouring on the back.

You will roughly get about 9-10 hours or so out of each pack, which is long enough for those long sessions of PUBG. I use a secondary controller to charge the other pack and to have it on standby, so it’s just a matter of switch the packs out quickly and re-charge the depleted one.

With your Venom Docking Station, you will get two powerful Nimh rechargeable battery packs, one USB power cable and a manual. The Docking Station can be plugged into almost any USB slot on your electric devices to charge.  I have mine tucked away behind my TV in the upstairs room and it charges my spare battery pack ready for use, so it’s always within hand, whenever needs be.


The Venom Docking Station is a handy addition to your gaming needs and is a worth while purchase to fill any gamers stocking this Christmas, especially at a reasonable price of £17.99, which to me is a bargain considering what you get with it. Like a certain TV ad said, it does exactly what it says on the tin! or in this case box…

GoG Rating: 9/10

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