Untold Tales Add Four Heavy Hitters to The Team

The team of now 14 industry veterans will publish four games in 2021 and continues to grow their portfolio for 2022 and beyond. Untold Tales welcomes four new incredible hires to the team this month. The additions come at a perfect time as the indie publisher continues to grow its strong portfolio of titles set to be published in 2022 and beyond. Furthermore, the team will be publishing 4 indie titles in 2021, one of which will be BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION for consoles, with 3 more to be announced in the coming months.

These new hires include:

  • Ewa Buczkowska – Producer. 6+ years’ experience at Techland
  • Paulina Kwiecińska – Head of Business Development. 14+ years exp with previous roles at Techland, GOG and CI Games
  • Sadie Jarvis – Community Developer. 2 years’ experience through Twitch streaming and CM roles with PlayStation Access Fans UK
  • Jędrzej Bargłowski – QA Producer. 5+ years’ experience at Testronic and CI Games
Untold Tales

Everyone here at Untold Tales welcomes the personalities and experience of people recently joining us. It’s a wonderful set of skills, gained during both working for AAA studios as well building and supporting communities from the scratch. Our ambitions are strongly connected to both games and simply making the gaming industry a great work environment. And it’s not the final word of the further growth of Untold Tales team over the coming months – Maciej Łączny, Untold Tales CEO