The Sinking City Drops on Xbox Series X|S Today!

The Sinking City

Frogwares have surprise launched an Xbox Series X and S enhanced version of The Sinking City. The HP Lovecraft inspired, story-rich, free investigation horror game comes to the Xbox store with multiple enhancements and improvements that utilize the consoles power and functionalities.

This digital-only version of the game rolls out on Wednesday, April 28th, 2021. The game is solely published by Frogwares themselves. A gameplay video showcasing loading times, graphic comparisons and additional features was also released.

Frogwares has confirmed the following improvements and features for The Sinking City on Xbox Series X|S version:

  • 4K (3840×2160) resolution
  • 60 frames per second
  • Improved graphical fidelity
  • Improved loading times
  • Additional quests – part of the Merciful Madness DLC (included in Deluxe Edition, or as a separate purchase)

New Adjusted Price

Frogwares has continued with its adjusted price approach with this release and will drop the price of the new Xbox versions to 49.99 USD for the standard edition and 64.99 USD for the Deluxe Edition.