The Last Oricru – A Co-op Action RPG Where Choices Matter!

The Last Oricru

Prime Matter and GoldKnights are happy to publicly reveal a first gameplay glimpse into their upcoming debut title, the action RPG “The Last Oricru”. Developed in Prague, Czech Republic, The Last Oricru brings players into the wonderful Sci-Fi/Medieval world of Wardenia. You are taking the role of Silver who “shipwrecked” years ago on this mysterious planet, just to be suddenly waken up from his cryochamber.

What burden Silver has to carry, what mystery surrounds the planet and what Silver’s role in this game of power is, is yet to be discovered. Your Choice matters! – as players will be able to directly influence the outcome of the game by their decisions and actions. This single player and (offline) Co-op experience is a launch title for new “Prime Matter” premium label by Koch Media.

The Last Oricru

The newly released narrated gameplay video introduces the core elements of the game and throws players into a bloody civil war over supremacy on Wardania. Check out their latest gameplay trailer below.

About The Last Oricru

The Last Oricru is an action RPG with a strong emphasis on dynamic storytelling and player choices. Waking up in the living and breathing Sci-Fi/Medieval world of Wardenia, players find themselves in the middle of a massive civil war over supremacy on the planet. Tough combat, massive fights and a dark conspiracy overshadow the once so peaceful area. Choose your own path, side with the different factions or betray them, influence the outcome of the war as Your Choice Matters! The Last Oricru is designed as both a single-player and a coop experience.