Stack Up! (or dive trying), Launches July 16th

Stack Up!

Italian independent game development studio PixelConflict are proud to announce their thrilling debut title, Stack Up! (or dive trying), is set for a full release on Steam on July 16th. Stack Up! (or dive trying) is a stack-your-way-up platformer set in a suspiciously quiet house when suddenly, the pipes have burst! As water begins rapidly rising from below, players must grab as much of the furniture falling around them, stack it up, and start the climb of their lives… or dive trying.

Players diving into Stack Up! will be welcomed by a cheerful and cutesy vibe in a game surrounded by colourful art and lighthearted music, with options to take on the game solo or play against friends from all over the world. With varying difficulty levels, the game’s cosy exterior opens up to newcomers looking to practice on ‘easy’ mode, though rest assured – with rapid building mechanics required to deal with the faster rising water, tasty falling power-ups and an endless selection of furniture placements, only the most dedicated Stackers will conquer the highest difficulties, carving their name at the top of Stack Up’s illustrious “Heightscores”.

Stack Up!

What To Expect:  

  • For Fun or for Glory: Whether playing alone or challenging friends, as the difficulty rises, so does the water! Take on the ‘easy’ and ‘medium’ difficulties to sharpen your skills and have a good laugh, or really let the taps loose on ‘hard’ mode to see just how hard you can stack.
  • A Test of Speed and Wit: With a never-ending cascade of falling furniture in a variety of shapes and sizes and unique items like spawners, trampolines and sticky desks; strategy, precision and (a pinch of good luck) are all important elements when climbing to new heights.
  • ‘Heightscores’ & Seasonal Rewards:  Showcasing the best of the best, the Heightscores will show the names of Stack Up! (or dive trying)’s very best. Those looking for a new competitive challenge are invited to record, upload and share their record breaking runs with the developers, with Seasonal Rewards on the line for those making records on easy, medium and hard modes. The first competitive season runs from launch day until September 1st!
  • I thought it was a Fashion Show: Stack Up! (or dive trying) brings back the wild world of steam tradables with unlockable boxes filled with tons of unique hats and hammers, unlock your perfect fit, trade with friends and look extra-fresh on that podium.

“Working on Stack Up! (or dive trying) has been a labour of love for the last 16 months, we put all the free time we could find into the game with one goal in mind – to release a title which could entertain players, and make friends around the world come together and have fun”  Said Davide Jensen, co-founder and lead programmer at PixelConflict “ It’s electrifying to know that our passion and dedication to game development and to this dream is soon to materialise into a full fledged game, and we truly hope people enjoy playing Stack Up! as much as we did creating it.”  

Stack Up! (or dive trying) will officially launch on Steam for PC on July 16th, wishlist now! And watch the brand new trailer here.

Find the Stack Up! (or dive trying) press kit here.

Stack Up! (or dive trying) will also be participating in this year’s DreamHack Beyond Indie Showcase starting July 24th, visit DreamHack’s website for more information.