Saints Row: The Third Remastered Review

Saints Row: The Third Remastered

We are back to the streets once more Saints! We are back with Saints Row: The Third Remastered. Saints Row for me has always been the little brother of the GTA games. A little bit annoying, funny and never takes anything serious you try to tell it.

The story of Saints Row: The Third takes place in the new city of Steelport as the Saints say goodbye to their home of Stilwater and a place we all know too well from the previous games. The Saints have moved on from being just a mere street gang into a hot commodity with bobbleheads (that you yourself wear in a band robbery), merchandise and even a movie is being made. This is how we are introduced in the game at the start. We are playing babysitter to a wannabe movie actor who is looking to live the life of a criminal to become a better “actor”. He basically gets in the way and you want to smack him. Things, however, take a bit of a nosedive and we end up jail, but we are bailed out and brought aboard a plane by the mysterious Loren, who happens to be The Syndicate leader. These guys basically run everything that they can get their hands on and we are treated to a daring and action-packed escape from the plane.

From here we must start off at rock bottom, no cash, no cars, nothing. So, it’s your mission to climb back to the top while seeking your revenge on Loren and the Syndicate. There is nothing else to it and thankfully, it doesn’t over complicate things for you either.


Everything that you know and loved in the original Saints Row: The Third game has been remastered here beautifully from a technical view. With a lot of work gone into the lighting and dark shadow effects in Steelport, with a city skyline that is vibrantly lit by the neon lights that inhabit the streets to that first ray of light from the dawn of a new day. The team has done an amazing job in bringing a new level of detail to the Saints world. The characters have also received a bit of a face lift and have a high level of detail to them with some characters standing out more than others. They still are nowhere near what you would expect them to be considering other titles of this genre.

Sticking with the characters, the animations that you witness on screen, especially during combat, feels wonky/sluggish and the physics during gameplay is muddled at best. Even driving through the streets, the camera angles do not always help the games gameplay and can be a bit annoying at times. I also experienced issues with regards to the framerate and when the action got too much, thankfully though, there is an option to lock the fps in the game that can help it, but only just. It is safe to say that the game would run buttery smooth on my PC or even the PS5 and Xbox Series X and hopefully it’s something I can get to try out.

When it comes to how the audio is presented in the game, there is nothing I can complain about, as the humour is still the same as I remember when I first played it on the Xbox 360. Funny, lowbrow, and slightly chaotic to get you through the game and your missions. There is still those one-liners that you hear repeatedly during missions or when you are fighting, but I tend to ignore that due to how much fun you have blowing the crap out of everything. The music in terms of what you hear about the streets and from your car radios is a bit thin on the ground when you compare to the rest, but still, it does its job.

For everything that works great in Saints Row: The Third Remastered, it also has the same weak points as it did before. These come in the form of the issues with enemy spawning at random times dodgy object physics which can hinder missions and make them a nightmare to complete at times and its not due to it being difficult, but to how certains parts in the game can feel buggy. There is also the way that NPCs can be heavily involved on whether you complete a mission or not. I have seen NPCs ram one another in their cars and while its fun to see them fighting one another and going about their lives, it’s a pain in the backside when they ram into you or run you over when you are almost close to the end of your mission.

While I tried to ignore these little issues during missions, I have to remind myself we are getting a straight up remastered version of a game that is about 10 years old. They can be off putting, but I still found myself enjoying the chaos with the bugs together. While it’s not the best remaster of a game that I have played, it brings back so much fun memories for me and that’s what I loved about it most.


Saints Row: The Third Remastered is a game that is fun, pure and simple. The best way to enjoy it, is to leave your brain by the door, grab a drink and play some mind numbing chaotic open-world fun! Adding to this that with it being a remastered title, as always we get all the DLC along with it keep your enjoyment going even more. It may not be the Saints game you wanted, but its here for those that do.

GoG Rating: 7/10

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