Razer Ripsaw HD Capture Card Review

Razer Ripsaw HD

Razer has always been about gaming when it comes to their products, from their Kraken Pro gaming headsets to their Razer Blade Gaming Laptops. Everything and anything you need in relation to your gaming needs, Razer would be your go to guys. So, when they announced their latest capture card the Razer RIPSAW HD, I was delighted to get a chance to test it out and see how good it is.

First thing I noticed after unpacking the box was how compact it was and how small it was. It was smaller than I thought it was going to be, having checked it out on their website. Inside the box you have all the essentials you need to set it up and to start streaming and capturing to your hearts content. The Ripsaw HD comes with a manual, 3.5mm audio cord, a HDMI cable and a USB Type-C cable. Setting up is simple enough, by just plugging in the HMDI cable into your console or gaming PC and into the HDMI input slot, then putting another HDMI cable into the HDMI output slot and into your monitor or TV. The Ripsaw HD still needs a PC for power and to send your captured gameplay to it and that’s why it comes with a USB Type-C cable to plug into the PC and back to your Ripsaw.

Razer Ripsaw HD

The Ripsaw HD allows 4K passthrough and a smooth 60 frames per second when you play your favourite games on your PS4, Xbox or PC. It’s extremely easy to setup and in a few moments, you’re playing your favourite games in 4K, while capturing/streaming at 1080p/60fps with minimum fuss when comparted to some of the other capture cards out on the market today. The only small downside to the Ripsaw for me was there was no software included like there is with the Elgato HD 60 S, which offers its own Game Capture software to use with it. It’s a small negative, but worth pointing out since the Elgato HD60 S would be its direct competitor especially when they are compared on price. While we are speaking about price, the Ripsaw HD comes in at around €169.99/£159.99 compared to the Elgato HD60 S which is £150.

When capturing gameplay from the Ripsaw you are free to use what software you find best suits you. I did find it strange to see that there was no capture software included in the package even though Elgato offers its own Game Capture software for free for its capture cards.  It would have been nice to see Razer offer something similar for users who just want to record clips of gameplay. Luckily you can still use other software like OBS and I love using OBS Studio, as it’s the most user-friendly software for recording and streaming. The gameplay footage below of Days Gone was captured using the Razer Ripsaw HD and as you can see it works beautifully! I found zero issues when it came to capture the gameplay and any other games for that matter, both from my PS4 PRO and Xbox One X.

Streaming using OBS Studio and the Ripsaw HD works well, and you can capture everything in 1080p/60fps just the same as it is when recording gameplay. Razer does offer Synapse which will drop you a notification whenever the display settings are altered and while its nothing ground breaking and not something I would regular use, there are some streamers that will love the feature.


The Razer Ripsaw HD is a great capture card to have if you are an aspiring YouTuber or Streamer that is looking for something to get you off the mark. Razer have offered gamers a simple and powerful capture device to rival Elgato’s HD60 cards and competition is always good. If you are looking to start recording/streaming today, why not grab a Ripsaw HD as soon as possible, you won’t be disappointed!

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