Preview – KartRider: Drift

KartRider: Drift

Kart racing and racing games in general are always a blast to play with when its nothing to serious. In steps KartRider: Drift on Xbox One. I was lucky enough to have a go of the BETA and boy is it a lot of fun!

KartRider: Drift is a kart came like most before it, Crash, Sonic and of course Mario. The thing that I love about KR: Drift is how smooth the gameplay was. The core gameplay is what we all know and love from a kart racer, from sliding around the corners and blasting off weapons and power-ups. However, there are a few things that is different, and that is the developers went with the option of cross-platform play.

The game modes that are on offer are a Speed Mode and Item Mode. With Speed Mode, it’s all about the racing. Racers will need to be on their toes and race by using their keen drifting skills that will help you gain speed boosts and get the jump on the other racers. This mode is definitely aimed at the more seasoned racers out there among you.

KartRider: Drift

In the other mode, Item Mode, I feel is more aimed at the novices and the casuals of the game. It’s in this mode that most gamers will have a feel for in terms of power-ups and speed boosts. This mode features crazy power-ups like UFOs, magnets and water bombs. I feel that this could be the mode that will probably get played more than Speed Mode.

Not only can you play these two modes, but you can choose to race in a free for all race, or team racing, which you can team up either 4 v 4 or have four teams of two.

The closed beta lets you paint your karts and even let you choose some decal designs to make your kart more appealing, if you are into that side of things. You will also be able to change license plates and have accessories attached to the karts. You are also able to customise the characters, but in the closed BETA, there was only three to chose from.

The entire presentation of KartRider: Drift is a cartoon like style using Unreal Engine 4 and everything looks clean and chirpy. The tracks themselves are well designed and have some all-time saving shortcuts for you to discover and will come in handy if you want to win. The backdrops are all bright and colourful with the animated crowds moving about and seeing snow falling as you race about. The effects that come off your boosts and when you use a power-up has some cool particle effects coming off them. The game also runs at a smooth 60fps and I didn’t notice at any time of slowdown or lost frames. I hope that they can keep it like that come launch.

KartRider: Drift is just a pure fun kart racing title and is one that you should keep an eye on as we hopefully get closer to launch. With the unique weapons on offer and the chance to work in teams in races, plus the added feature of cross-play that will make matchmaking and finding other racers easier. This could well be the racer we all have been waiting for that is not made for the Nintendo platforms.

The time to drift is almost here, and so far from what we have seen, it’s going to be a blast!

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