Preview – DiRT 5

Preview - DiRT 5

So, a few days ago I was lucky enough to receive a preview WORK-IN-PROGRESS build of DiRT 5 to try out and I got to play their new game mode added to the DiRT Series called Playgrounds. Check out some gameplay below.

In Playgrounds it’s basically just that, your playground. It is here were the madness can begin and the crazy creativity of the DiRT community can come together and show off their creations to the world. Some of them you will love, some you will hate, and some of them will probably make you bounce your controller off the wall (these ones are my favourite)  In the build I played, there are two different events that can be created in Playgrounds, Gate Crash and Gymkhana. The creator to the Playgrounds is straight forward enough and you can easily create and edit your tracks as you see fit. To use the Creator, you just press the X button to bring up your browser and from here you can start to go through the Object Browser and select anything from ramps and turns to even the dressing objects that will add a little flair or flash to your tracks. You can place your selected object by pressing the A button and use the d-pad to raise, lower or rotate your object to your liking and build your track how you envisage it. The creator really lets you be creative and you will probably only be limited by your imagination.

Preview - DiRT 5

You can create two events using the Creator in Playgrounds, Gymkhana and Gate Crasher. In GymKhana you must perform tricks against the clock, build up combos and grab that high score. I have to say GymKhana was never really my thing and only tested it out a wee bit. Gate Crasher on the other hand I love playing, as you can drive through all the required checkpoints in any order you choose. Once you have grabbed them all, race to the finish to complete the event. The team have also recently added in Smash Attack where you earn points by smashing into the inflatable objects. It’s a race against the clock to hit the target score in the fastest time but avoid the time penalty objects! You can create it as open world as you want or keep it nice it streamlined and linear

When it comes to the cars themselves, they handle as you would expect from a DiRT game, however, they have been toned down a wee bit to accommodate for newcomers among you (I still consider myself NEW). They are still extremely responsive and fast, and these new tweaks shouldn’t be too worrying to the die-hard DiRT fans out there.

What you will probably notice straight off in DiRT 5s is the graphics, the game has decided to tone down its gritty/dirty looks and give it a fresh coat of paint. It’s more of a flair and flamboyant look to it than in previous DiRT games, think Need for Speed meets Forza Horizon meets DiRT 4, all mashed together like a party-goer at Mardi Gras.

Everything in the game at the moment in terms of the cars and tracks are not at their peak just yet, but will be given their final polish before launch, in October and I can’t wait to see it in all its glory. I am also eager to see how well the game looks on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, especially since we get to race about at 120fps, a first for console gaming. October can’t come soon enough!

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