Acer Predator Cestus 310 Gaming Mouse Review

Predator Cestus 310

As a gamer that mostly plays on Xbox, the whole idea of playing with a mouse is foreign to me. So, when the guys over at ACER sent me over their Predator Cestus 310 gaming mouse, I thought I would give it a bash and see what all the fuss is about.

When I first unboxed the mouse, it was a wee bit bigger than I expected and there was a weight to it when compared to my older mouse that I have used for so many years. The Cestus 3010 has some cool features to it as well that I was not expecting. One of the best features it has is the ability to change its DPI on the fly. This is done by a simple press of the button on the top of the mouse below the scroll wheel. As you change each setting, you will notice that the Predator logo and scroll wheel on the mouse changes colour as you press the button. Each colour represents your current DPI setting, 800[Teal Blue] 1600[Yellow] 2400[Blue] 4200[Red]. I have been using the 1600 DPI setting for most day-to-day work but shift it to 2400 when playing games like PUBG, some may want a higher setting for faster responses, but it’s down to your own playstyle. The buttons on the mouse are super responsive during gameplay and the action on screen corresponds with your movements of the mouse effortlessly, and I can see why so many PC gamers love to use a mouse/KB for their gameplay.

While using the mouse in first or third person shooters, it performs just as well when playing games like Watch Dogs, and it responds well with the movement of free running and jumping, plus using it for driving is also pain free. There are two side buttons on the left of the mouse, and these are your forward and back buttons, which let you navigate quicker through menus and while browsing the internet. The scroll wheel that sits atop the mouse is the same as with many others. Underneath the mouse there is a small button that allows you to turn of the LED lights on the mouse if you choose to do so, but I prefer having them on, as it adds a nice touch.

While using the mouse you will notice how comfortably it sits in your hand when in use, thanks to its ergonomic design. One thing I have noticed that the Cestus 310 keeps removing your favourite DPI setting that you chose if you leave the mouse sitting there for any length of time. This can be a bit of a pain when you are either getting up for a quick drink or some food. There are different models that have some onboard memory, so that it can remember your settings for when you were to switch from a PC to laptop or vice versa, or any PC for that matter. It’s a nice touch to have, but it’s a feature that doesn’t appear to be available with the Cestus 310.

I found that during gaming the responsiveness of the mouse it amazing, everything is snappy and responds fluidly to my movements. With the ergonomic design makes those long gaming sessions less of a chore. However, being so used to a controller, I still found myself jumping back in and leaving the mouse to one side, but that is more of a reflection on me than the Cestus 310 itself.

For everyday use I love using the C310 and the side buttons on the mouse work well for moving back and forth from different pages on websites, or if you are navigating around your workspace between folders etc… Using the Cestus 310 with the Predator mouse pad works well, thanks to the micro-textured finish that lets the mouse move effortless across it. While the underside having a non-slip rubber backing that holds it firmly in place while you work or play. Also, the gaming pad is water and oil resistant, which does what it says and a quick wipe of the pad and it’s as good as new! The gaming pad can also be rolled up and stored away if you choose to use it later, but will easily laid back out on your desk/table without having to worry about those annoying raised corners you get with other pads.


The ACER Cestus 310 gaming mouse does everything it needs it to do and it is a big improvement over my previous mouse. While you cannot say too much about a mouse, I won’t be changing back as it works so well for my everyday use like video editing and general workflow on my PC/Laptop. Priced currently at €28/£21 it’s a great price for what you get and if you are looking for a new mouse, snap it up!

GoG Rating: 8/10