OtterBox Power Swap Batteries Review


When it comes to gaming, there is nothing more annoying than when your batteries die! Especially when you are through on goal to grab that vital win for promotion or defeating that final boss in your favourite shooter (The Division 2). While the PS5 has a built-in battery pack, the Xbox Series X|S still relies on AA’s. Thankfully, the guys over at OtterBox may have the perfect solution for your battery needs.

OtterBox has not just given you some regular rechargeable batteries, they have given you something a little extra. What they offer you is an enclosure for your batteries that can be easily swapped in and out on the fly. What makes this so unique? The cage that holds your batteries actually has a backup reserve that will keep your controller powered long enough for you to swap in a new battery from the dock!


The batteries that Otterbox offers has an indicator on it, so you will be aware of when your battery is running low. Each set comes with two batteries right out of the box and the dock that allows you to power 2 batteries at once. The team even give you two different types of cages for your batteries, one for the Xbox Series consoles and one for the last gen Xbox consoles, so everyone here is catered for. It’s handy for those who may want to upgrade to the Series consoles at a later date and not having to worry about upgrading their battery packs either. You are also given a USB-C cable to charge the batteries right from the controller if you choose to and everything is packaged together for $59.99/€59.99/£53.99. The OtterBox Power Swap Controller Batteries are available now from and also will be available on Microsoft and Amazon as well.

The Power Swap batteries do exactly what they set out to do, however, it depends on how often you game and how long you spend gaming that will determine your choice in purchasing them. Otterbox has stated that the batteries will last 10 hours of game time, but this is only an estimated guess, as in some cases I was about to play for 13 or 14 hours or roughly around that time. I know this is a lot less than what Microsoft states (20hrs) that their Play and Charge packs offer you. But Otterbox does offer the hot swap feature.

When it comes to the charging of the batteries it just a matter of plopping them into the dock and when you have 4 green LED light up, they are ready to use. They will also flash red when they need recharging, however this can be missed at times if you don’t take the odd peak at it and press the little button on the pack itself. A fully depleted battery normally takes around 4 hours to reach a full charge, so you will never feel the need to be without a battery in your controller.

While I loved using the Otterbox Power Swap batteries, there are some issues in relation to charging the batteries themselves.  While they do give you two cages and two batteries in the box, you cannot buy the cages or the batteries by themselves either if you have more than one controller of the same family (Xbox Series X|S for instance) either. You need to buy the whole set again for the other controller. Also, I found that the batteries do not click into the dock to charge and sometimes can easily pop out. Now, while these are minor irritations, I feel that it is worth mentioning even if its minor.


Throughout my playtime with the Otterbox Power Swap batteries they have been a great addition to my Xbox controllers for on-the-fly gaming and not worrying about my controller dying on me in mid gaming sessions is always a plus. However, due to having to purchase a whole set to add more batteries to more controllers, I much prefer the battery packs that Venom Gaming have to offer as they give me long game times and I don’t have to keep checking the pack itself, thanks to the onscreen indicator they offer.

GoG Rating: 8/10