Nvidia Cloud Gaming – Coming to a Street Near You

Cloud Gaming

Brits are gaming on-the-go, wherever they are, more than ever, and to cater for  this growing trend, NVIDIA is bringing its cloud gaming service GeForce Now to the UK High Street, in the form of the World’s Smallest Gaming Arcade. Breathing new life into the now-defunct classic British phone box, gamers can enjoy thousands of their favourite games with the same high-tech experience found on a top-of-the-range gaming PC.

The World’s Smallest Gaming Arcade was launched so that people no longer have to game at times and in places they probably shouldn’t, following research that shows Brits are increasingly likely to get stuck into gaming in places such as on the loo, during a family dinner and even at their OWN WEDDING.

A spokesperson for NVIDIA, said: “Gaming is a hugely popular and positive past-time, and The World’s Smallest Gaming Arcademeans that people can get their daily gaming fix when they’re not at home and without impacting things like work and social life. GeForce Now is making high-quality gaming accessible to all via the cloud, while ray tracing and DLSS are no longer being the reserve of those with a GPU and gaming rig.”

Cloud Gaming

About GeForce Now

  1. GeForce Now is a cloud gaming platform with over 2,000 games available with users being able to access and play from their existing game libraries including Steam and Epic Games Store. 
  2. GeForce Now instantly transforms nearly any laptop, desktop, Mac, SHIELD TV, Android device, iPhone, or iPad into the PC gaming rig you’ve always dreamed of
  3. Without the need for high-spec hardware, you can play the most demanding PC games and seamlessly play your collection across your devices
  4. GeForce Now offers gamers access to key AAA titles including New WorldApex LegendsHitman 3 and the upcomingGuardians of the Galaxy

Why NVIDIA has created a positive space for people to game that won’t get them into trouble

  1. The average gamer spends a staggering 572 hours every year online
  2. 34% of gamers admit they would rather skip a meal than miss out on completing a level on their favourite game
  3. 73% of Brits have admitted to gaming during work hours with one in 10 skipping a work meeting so they could crack the next level of a game
  4. 44% have sneaked into the toilet at work to play a game
  5. 17% have played during a church service while one in 10 of us have admitted to taking up their controllers during their OWN WEDDING
  6. 43% of gamers said they have blown out friends in order to play games

About the World’s Smallest Gaming Arcade

  1. The arcade is housed in an iconic British phone box, originally introduced in 1936
  2. With phone boxes in the UK largely unneeded and unused, due to most people having a mobile phone, more than 5,000 have been turned into new spaces to benefit the community
  3. The World’s Smallest Gaming Arcade is powered by NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW and 5G
  4. In the World’s Smallest Gaming Arcade, gamers play on a tablet and gamepad while keeping their drinks cool in the integrated mini-fridge

About the research

  1. 1,000 UK gamers were polled for the Nvidia GeForce Now research