My Arcade Micro Player Review


When I think of retro gaming, I think of games I played when I was a young lad. My retro games of choice were always Pac-man, Galaxian, Hero and Centipede among a few others. So, when I got an email about the Bandai Namco Micro Players, I jumped at a chance to try them out. I was sent over the Galaga and Pac-man Micro players and to be honest, I didn’t want to open them at all. They came in these cool little collectors’ boxes and I would have loved to leave them on the shelf and show them off, but I had to try them out!

When you first open the box and sit it on your table, you get to see it in its full glory. The Micro Player looks exactly like a tiny arcade cabinet that you would find in any of your local arcades. The little joystick, fire button and the Reset/Start buttons are all represented here for you to use. I love how the power button on the front is like a coin slot, so when you turn it on it’s like putting in your coins to start your game. There is a micro USB connector at the back and a 3.5mm headphone jack with volume control if you choose to wear some earphones while you play.

The moment I started playing Galaga I was hooked! It was like a blast from the past and loved every minute of playing it. The little graphics on screen are colourful and bright and the sound that comes from the machine is what you would hear from any old-style arcade machine. There are two options on how you want to use your Micro Player in terms of powering it. You can either attach a micro USB (not included) cable and hook it up to your laptop/PC or if you have a plug adapter that has a USB connector you can plug it directly into the wall. The Micro Player also runs on AA batteries (4xAA), which is the option I preferred to use and the most convenient. Depending on the amount of time its used will depend how long the batteries will last but so far, I have gotten roughly 7-10 days or so out of mine, though results will vary as well depending on make of battery and the amount of time you play it for etc…


It’s great to take with you while travelling by train/bus and as well for those long trips in the car as it will keep the kids busy for hours. My daughter loved playing Pac-Man so much that we had to buy a couple so that the rest of the family could get a look in and play.

So, is the My Arcade Micro Player Retro Arcade a good choice for a present? Would it feel out of place at Christmas or birthdays? The answer is Yes! The Micro Player would be a great choice for any gamer young and old that loves to play the classics and would be a welcomed gift at any time of year. It would also introduce the younger games to how games use to be played when we were their age.


The My Arcade Micro Player Retro Arcade is a lot of fun to waste a few hours away and it’s nice to have a bit of nostalgia to go with your modern gaming collections. The only negative spin on this that I could think of is that some people would wonder why there is no micro USB cable with it. While this is probably a fair point, nowadays most homes have these cables thrown about, especially if there are laptops, tablets or mobile phones in them. Now time to get back to shooting some aliens!

GoG Rating: 9/10

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