Lifeslide – Life as a Paper Plane


We all did it when we were children, grabbing that sheet of paper and folding it into our first paper plane. The sense of accomplishment and wonder you got when it first flies across the room is a great feeling. With Lifeslide from Dreamteck, you get that same sense of accomplishment every time you complete a level.

Each level in Lifeslide sees you gliding your paper plane through some beautiful and well thought out levels (28 in total in Story mode). The aim is for you to glide through a level while maintaining a balance between speed and height, so that you do not crash or crumble your plane. Along your way you will come across an ever-changing backdrop that leads you towards your destination. The world around you is vibrant and has a certain charm to each of the levels you playthrough, and each has their own challenge for you to accomplish.

This can be choosing the right path to complete the level quicker or to avoid a hazard, or even to grab those all-important yellow time gems. There are other gems that will make you choose a more hazardous path like the green gems which will give you a much-needed speed boost. While there are keys that will allow you to unlock pathways to faster routes to complete a level. You also can gather up blue gems which is for matter, and these gems allow you to upgrade your plane for aerodynamics and manoeuvrability. In regard to the planes, there are six on offer and each as their own different styles are attributes that let suits your way of play. These will unlock the more you play.

The game mechanics in Lifeslide is a simple affair, with your choices being keyboard, mouse, and gamepad (controller). If you do have a controller, I would strongly recommend using it as it feels more intuitive when playing. The gameplay is based around you gathering up momentum with your chosen paper plane and learning which route or pathway to take to reach the end. I think the developers have struck a great balance between physics and enjoyable gameplay perfectly. There is a trial-and-error approach to the game and there is no end unless you quit of course. The game will allow you to continue to retry as many times as you like.

When it comes to the soundtrack in Lifeslide, it is the music that sets the tone above the visuals in the game. What I mean by this is, how in the quieter areas of the levels you are treated to a hypnotic and peaceful melody. Then the music kicks it up a notch with a more upbeat sound when you are in areas that are more hazardous or adventurous. The music also accompanies the level designs perfectly and breathes life into each level you visit in this vibrant wonderland. The levels also let you decide how you choose to embark, from the different pathways that open to you exploring every pathway and risk it all for those valuable and much needed gems.

The other modes on offer in Lifeslide are Zen mode and Challenge mode for you to try out. The Challenge mode is just that, compete in weekly challenges and try to be king of the leaderboard. While in Zen mode you get to revisit your favourite places in an endless loop. It lets you select randomisation so that it gives you newer experiences that you won’t get in the Story mode. Zen mode also gives you a great appreciation of what the developers have done in terms of art style and overall beauty of the game.

Lifeslide is a game that took me by surprise and in a good way and is a wonderful blend of pure joy and frustration ( but in a good way). It’s a fun game that will have you coming back for more to experience newer and faster pathways to reach the end. From the beautiful backdrops and the soothing music to the simple and intuitive gameplay mechanics, everything is put together perfectly for everyone to enjoy.

Lifeslide is launching August 6th on Steam, so add it to your Wishlist today! Also check out the guys over at Dreamteck for updates. Now, if we can just convince them to bring it to consoles….