Kena: Bridge of Spirits Preview


When I first saw Kena: Bridge of Spirits back in 2020, I was blown away by how beautiful it looked, it reminded me of a Disney Pixar or Dreamworks movie, everything about it looked amazing!

You play as Kena, a young girl with magical abilities and a staff that in combat, lets you do light, heavy and charged attacks. You can also acquire an upgrade to Kena’s staff that allows her to transform it into a bow for long ranged attacks. She also has a pulse ability that can attack as both a shield to defend herself, to activate objects or provide you clues.


At the start of the game, I was greeted by two siblings, who are on the lookout for their older brother, Taro, who is a restless spirit that you get to help. As you play through the game you get to gather up some small furry little companions know as The Rot. These little guys can move objects, complete tasks, and even help you distract enemies. However, they are timid little things, so you need to fight and build up a courage meter that will see them joining the battles with you. They can also heal the land/world around you, when you send them to a pathway that is blocked by corruption, you can then use your ping ability to cleanse it, which in turn transforms the area into a lush green environment. This gives me memories of Prince of Persia and how Elika was able to heal the land with her powers.

They are quite handy companions to have at your side, and they are always on hand to help you along the way, whether it’s to clear a path for you or to gather corrupted flowers and purify them which in turn can heal you. Outside of combat Kena’s health will automatically recover over time as well.  

The combat in Kena: Bridge of Spirits is quite simplistic, but gets the job done. You can mix up your attacks with R1/RB and R2/RT to switch between your light and heavy attacks and you can also charge attacks too. Then you can dodge incoming attacks and use your ping ability (L1/LB) as a shield that can block incoming damage temporarily. The combat in the game reminds me of titles like Horizon Zero Dawn and how you can attack and dodge with little effort. Along with Kena’s fighting moves, the Rot will also help you bind enemies and see you teaming together to defeat them. Of course, the more Rot you have, the more stronger they will become.

To help Kena and the Rot in their journey you will be able to upgrade and unlock both of their abilities. Like the Rot Hammer, which allows Kena to strike from a distance or a Sprint Light Attack that allows you to perform a sweeping attack while sprinting. Kena will also come across Spirit Masks, with each mask giving you a certain trait like Taro’s Mask, which will allow you to see important objects and help you find rot throughout the world.

When it comes to the visuals and soundtrack of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, it’s nothing short of breath-taking. The world that Ember Lab Studios have created, from the characters that you meet on your journey to the loveable and adorable little Rot that accompany you. Everything in the world around you, from the rivers and the tress to the creatures that inhabits them are vibrant and alive and makes you feel like the main character in a Disney movie.

The audio in the game accompanies the visuals beautifully, with the wind gently blowing across the water as you approach it, to the sound of Kena’s boots make as she runs along a dirt road or over grass. The music will also change to a more heavy and darker tone as the beat of drums sound as you approach an area with corruption or heading towards danger. It matches up perfectly and works like a melody, as both visuals and audio dance in unison as you play the game.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is both visually stunning and extremely enjoyable to play while pulling at your emotions. I can’t wait to experience more of what Ember Labs has to offer come August 24th!