Iron Harvest 1920+ Ranked Mode released

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Iron Harvest 1920+

Celebrating competitive gaming, KING Art Games today released the Ranked Mode for the critically acclaimed RTS Iron Harvest 1920+. Players joining the intense multiplayer battles will now compete on a ladder system to define who is the king of the diesel punk hill.

The ranked mode now marks the official start of the first Season also for the competitive content in  Iron Harvest.

Alongside the ingame activations and looking back on the successful ESL Pre Season Tournament, KING Art Games is also evaluating future eSports activities for Iron Harvest in cooperation with ESL. More details to be revealed soon!

Iron Harvest 1920+

Today’s announcement also comes with a true PvP action packed video looking back on the most intense moments of the Iron Harvest 1920+ Pre-Season Tournament finals during Gamescom 2020.

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