Golf Club: Wasteland Team Celebrate Passing Gold

Golf Club

Untold Tales and Demagog Studio are relieved to say Golf Club: Wasteland has passed certification / gold masters on all platforms in time for the September 3rd launch.

As if the stars themselves aligned, the news came to the team on the same day they planned to launch their “Get a postcard from Mars” initiative.

Golf Club

Nikola Stepkovic, Demagog’s creative director and the main artist behind Golf Club: Wasteland’s cozy-apocalypse visual style put together 5 custom arts that will be printed as postcards and sent to 1000 winners. 

14 of those 1000 recipients – so just a little over 1%  – will then stand a chance to win bigger prizes including a Nintendo Switch or an Xbox Series S, Razer headphones, or digital store cards of their choice – Steam, eShop, PS Store, Xbox Store. You can find out more by visiting the dedicated competition site.

Golf Club: Wasteland is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 3rd, 2021