Deep Silver is pleased to announce it is further enhancing the Windbound gameplay experience with a collection of free content updates releasing in three patches throughout Q4 2020 and Q1 2021. The content updates will feature new gameplay mechanics, cosmetics and game modes – delivered free to all players via patch updates.

The first content update launches today and is designed to significantly boost the player’s experience. It includes a new Witch Skin – upgrading Kara’s abilities alongside the all new Photo and Endless Modes.

The Witch Skin comprises three extra items for Kara, each of which contain new abilities; the Witch’s Hat – potions last longer; the Witch’s Outfit – play to respawn nearby after death; and the Witch’s Staff – unbreakable and fires out small magic orbs with each melee strike, that seek out and damage the closest target.


The first of the new modes is Photo Mode, which allows the player to pause the game, adjust the camera and take a photo. Players can also change Kara’s pose and expression, the time of day and add filters.

·         Creative  mode  for  keen  video  game  photographers  offering  full  control  over  camera position and orientation, field of view, exposure, time of day, and position of the sun

·         20 different poses and expressions for Kara

·         20 hats and accessories for Kara

·         A variety of filters, from black and white, to CRT, to pastel

There is also the Eternal Voyage offering players an endless play mode, which adds tracking to the map screen and save profile to indicate how many stages the player has managed to survive.  The game does not finish with Chapter 5, stages will progressively (but not endlessly) get larger, more varied and more dangerous.

The Q4 2020  update will include additional skins for Kara, Free sailing mode and an upgraded Nautilus tower experience – introducing a number of new towers for players to explore, complete new challenges and progress.

Our early Q1 2021 update will further expand the Nautilus tower experience, whilst introducing new enemy types, combat moves and gameplay mechanics via a ‘corruption’ system.

In addition, Kara’s Ancestral Gear, originally offered with Windbound as a pre-order bonus, is now available to purchase for $2.99/€2.99/£2.49 on console, PC and Stadia digital stores.

To Kara’s tribe, the exploits of her ancestors are legendary. Hunters, fishers, warriors, poets and philosophers, their stories tell of a people who lived in perfect harmony with the natural world and swam the deep waters in the company of gods. Though the tale of their downfall has been lost to time, their legacy lives on in these artefacts that have endured to this day. 

Ancestral Attire

This treasured garment – fit for either a warrior or a priest – has been handed down from generation to generation, and now the time has come for Kara to honour her past.

Ancestral Oar

The Oceanic Gyre was revered in times past, though its true significance is enigmatic to Kara’s people today. Nevertheless, this salt-treated wooded oar remains sturdy and functional, despite its age.

Ancestral Knife

How or where the ancestors acquired these Sea Shards remains a mystery, but few would deny their efficacy. Luminous, durable and impossibly sharp, this blade cuts as well today as it did a hundred years ago.

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