Eggcelerate! – Egg-Spoon Race Video Game


Independent development studio and publisher Tim Beaudet launches the silly yet challenging time-trial racing game. In Eggcelerate!, you try over and over again to improve your time without dropping an egg. Drive around crazy tracks, catch big air and avoid the obstacles that get in your way.

Laugh, shout, cry and rage as you loop your way along tracks with jumps, off-roading, and devious obstacles. Play, again and again, and collect all the achievements along the way.The idea for Eggcelerate! was conceptualized during LudumDare 46 and it proved very entertaining. The 48-hour 8-hour prototype was ranked in the top 1% for fun (12th of 1383) which led to building the full version for Easter 2021. Eggcelerate! was created by a single developer with some assets provided by a live-stream community and a few freelancers.



  • Devious Obstacle Courses
  • Customize Your Ride
  • Master Your Racing Skills
  • Perfect for Live Streaming
  • Keep the Egg Alive

Additional Information

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About The Developer

Tim Beaudet is creating racing games and streams the game development process live every day as a member of the Live Coders team. This lets him motivate and inspire other developers to create their own projects and chase their dreams. Eggcelerate! is Tim’s first racing game as an indie developer, but he previously worked 5+ years in the game industry on various titles like Rock Band 3, Darkest of Days, and more.