Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition Review


Devil May Cry 5 was first released back in 2019 and it was one game that I never really gave it much thought. However, since the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, DMC5 got a bit of a facelift with Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, but is it worth revisiting or jumping in since its refresh?

For us, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is all about the gameplay and how it’s just an all-out fun hack n’ slash adventure game, with Dante, Nero and new kid in town V. The Special Edition is an enhanced version of 2019s Devil May Cry latest title, but with the visuals and audio ramped up a notch! DMC 5 is full of cool combat moments and top-level boss fights, but it still struggles with the environments and the enemies that you greet you throughout your playthrough come across more generic meat sacks more than something more in tone with the combat and boss fights.


In Devil May Cry 5, you get to take on the role of three heroes, Nero, V and Dante. Each hero has their own playstyle that are easy enough to mess about with. Nero has simple combos that he kicks out that allows you to have large jumps with devastating results. He also has a cybernetic detachable arm that allows him to have different abilities depending on which arm he acquires, like Gerbera, which can launch shockwaves and high energy beams, or the Buster arm that can toss around large demons.

Dante is the main hero from the original titles and is more of a Swordmaster and uses dodging and blocking to close in on his enemies to cause the most damage when possible. Most of his combos are all stylish and flamboyant. He can also block attacks from his enemies which sees their attacks reflect on to them. He is not too shabby with a pistol either when needed.

Then there is V, who unlike Dante or Nero, likes to keep a distance to do the most damage. V can summon companions to do his bidding and weaken his opponents and then he swoops in with his cane to finish them off. These companions are Shadow, Nightmare and Griffon, and each has their own style of attack. Griffon flies about and likes to attack with projectiles, Shadow is a panther who will unleash melee attacks, while Nightmare is a Goliath who likes to cause total havoc around him to clear anything in his way. With all three heroes having their own playstyle, I would prefer Nero of the other two, due to him being more agile and better attack moves overall.

When you look at what Devil May Cry 5 SE achieves on a technical level, it’s quite impressive and looks beautiful, especially with the ray tracing effects turned on. You are also treated to a performance mode which allows you to play DMC 5 at 120fps with a reduced resolution to compensate the increased frames. While everything in the game can look amazing in either of the modes you choose, it’s when you have 4K and ray tracing (Graphics mode) on is when certain stutters or slowdown can occur during gameplay. It is a bit of a let-down at times but jumping back in to the 120fps option redeems it all with how buttery smooth it feels, and with a fast-paced game like DMC 5, it’s the obvious choice.

With the Special Edition of DMC 5, you get to play the Vergil mode, Turbo mode and the Legendary Dark Knight difficulty and plus the DLC that was released. With Vergil Mode, you can play through the campaign as Vergil, who some might remember from DMC 4 SE. You will get to blast through familiar levels while summoning companions and shredding through the bosses with a certain flair and flamboyance about you! With not much experience of him from not having played the past games to judge him on, he seems like a cool character that they could add to the roster permanently.

With the Legendary Dark Knight, you are confronted with hordes of enemies rather than just 6 or 7 at a time. It looks that there is about forty or fifty on screen at a time as you hack and slash your way through them, and it can be chaotic at times. I think the last time we saw so many enemies on screen like this before would be Capcoms Dead Rising titles. With the last mode being Turbo Mode, you get just that. This mode will allow you to play the game at a higher speed, while not much fun playing, it’s probably more of a novelty to try out for most.

In Devil May Cry 5, it has been well known that the game had an abundant of loading screens which was a mixture of loading up the missions, your gear and cutscenes. Thankfully with the new generation of hardware these loading issues are a thing of the past. While they are still apparent in the game, everything loads up far quicker than what was reported, roughly about 4-5 seconds max.


Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition does not do enough to make it quite special enough, and while you do get better visuals and loading times. It’s probably not enough for those of you who already purchased the original game on PS4/Xbox One. DMC 5 is a fun action game to pick up and play, that does look stunningly beautiful as you hack your way through swarms of enemies. However, this Special Edition doesn’t really offer up much in way of content that would give you an incentive to rush out and buy it, for me anyway. For die-hard DMC fans, you will no doubt love it!!

GoG Rating: 7/10