CrossfireX BETA Impressions


Battlefield 3, Call of Duty and PlayerUnknown: Battlegrounds, these are games that spring to mind when I am thinking of shooters that I’ve sunk many hours in to. Especially games like Battlefield 3 and 4. These were games that had us so hooked that most of the other games I owned or pre-ordered were almost forgotten about. Getting to team up with the lads and running a muck around the maps were a blast. However, with recent games that have come out, this seems less likely to happen again……. Until now, thanks to CrossfireX!

I got to experience the CrossfireX Closed BETA on Xbox One X over the last few days thanks to the Xbox Insider Program and the Xbox PR team. CrossfireX is the updated version of Crossfire on PC which launched back in 2007. It is also the most played online first-person shooter in the world. While it has so far today had amazing success, I hardly know anything about the game. However, when I first saw the CrossfireX trailer at E3 last year I intrigued to find out more and was thrilled to see we are getting another modern shooter and dropping the battles of old. While there may be a Campaign to the game, I will more than likely spend most of my game time in the online modes.


Speaking of the online modes, in the BETA with are treated with Classic and Modern mode. While I was unsure what the difference was, I jumped straight into the classic mode to have a look. Now, like I Said I never knew about the original title, but I got a taste of it in Classic mode. In Classic mode you find out quickly that there is no sprinting and no ADS, which to me feels very strange, especially coming from an FPS world of ADS and sprinting. It took some time to get use to not wanting to aim down the sights of my gun. I started on a map called Black Widow and this was setup as a Sabotage mission, in which we are tasked with reach Objectives A and B to try and plant the bomb. One team will attack while the other defends the points, a simple and straight-forward game. It’s safe to say that I will probably not play this as much as I will or want to.

There is also a Spectre mode where you are like a team of ghosts with hi-tech camo and you must sneak and stealthily kill and plant some C4 on your objective. Your weapons of choice are a pair of knives. You sometimes can feel like an unstoppable killing machine, however there are somethings to factor in. To remain invisible with your camo, you need to be still and/or move slowly. The more you more, the more your camo will deactivate, keep in mind though, you are not completely invisible as there is a greyish-blue outline that will show your position, but I feel this is good as it will discourage those of you that like to be sneaky campers.

The mode that I will be playing the most is Modern mode, as this reminds me of Battlefield. We are back to sprinting and ADS shooting. Picking up my trusty M4A1 and killing (well trying to) anyone in my way while taking the objectives was just way too much fun that I found myself playing until the wee hours of the morning. In Modern we are treated to a Conquest, 8 Vs 8 mode called Point Capture on the GR Tower map and we need to take control of two areas on the map and hold them off from the enemy team. Once you have reached the desired number of kills while defending the points, you can now zipline down to the lower part of the tower. Once you have reached the ground you will notice another control point to take over. Here is where everything heats up as you try to defend the last point to grab the win.

While all these sounds remarkably familiar from the games we are used to, for me the highlight point was the feel and how the game plays and looks. Plus, I have grown tired of the FPS games that was concentrating more on WWI and WWII. For me, this is a step in the right direction and the maps are well laid out and I really loved the detail in the GR Tower. From the start where the building feels as though its crumbling around you, with the water spraying from the fire sprinklers overhead to the fires that are scattered about the building, to taking a zipline down to the lower level with a garden, bar and sitting area.

Graphically the game looks impressive with the way the lighting from above and the fountains and wall lighting and environment bounce and reflect of the water puddles on the floor as you run by. Smoke fills the areas from a well placed smoke grenade and the soldiers themselves are nothing to be sneered at. While I didn’t notice too much else, what with me running about not trying to die and with just one modern map, I am hopefully of what we will see in the future. Even more so when the game is released on the Xbox Series X.

There was one other feature I noticed that almost slipped me by and that was your Profile. Now I thought that this would have just been a menu showing you some stats from your gameplay, but it’s not. In your Profile menu you can use the points you have earned from levelling up. With these reward points you get to improve your soldiers attributes, like faster reloading, more damage ouput and even more HP. I think its a nice feature to have, but how well it will work in the full game, we will have to wait and see.

CrossfireX will be out later in the year on Xbox One and is a free to play title. For those of you eager to play, an Open BETA will begin on Thursday June 25th!

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