DiRT 5 Review

As kids, we always loved messing about in the mud and dirt. Nowadays the closest I get to this feeling is the DiRT racing games and DiRT 5 continues that trend of having fun in the mud! Well, I could roll in the mud outside, … Continue readingDiRT 5 Review

FIFA 21 Review

Every year us footie fans wait until the release of our favourite football game FIFA. Each year with the FIFA series we always get some mild updates to try and improve on the beautiful game. This year in FIFA 21, can there be that much … Continue readingFIFA 21 Review

Windbound Review

A 3rd person adventure/survival game across the sea, fighting and crafting your way through an archipelago (a chain of islands), while searching for your need to survive. This is probably the best way to sum up what Windbound is all about. However, it is so … Continue readingWindbound Review