Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – Siege of Paris Review

Assassin's Creed

France 9th century is where we visit in our latest journey as Eivor in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and we must help our new allies the Elgring Clan from Francia to overthrow the mad King Charles the Fat!

As we arrive in Francia, we meet up with the Chieftain of the Elgring Clan, Sigred, as he looks to topple King Charles. Thankfully in this latest DLC we find ourselves back in a story with a more realistic view in a war riddled kingdom rather than something of a more mystical one (Wraith of the Driuds).

The gameplay in Siege of Paris is a familiar one and those that have ventured throughout the main game will recognise a lot of the quests and activities that Paris as to offer. Though we do get some new ones added into the mix, like Rebels, who are looking to dethrone King Charles and join the ranks of the Elgring Clan. With Eivor helping the Rebels, they can accompany you when you are attacking the King’s troops and strongholds. These can then be upgraded to offer up more opportunities away from the main game. There are other side stories for you to partake in like hunting down some French nobles, however, it does feel a little repetitive at times, but it’s something to do if you ever want to straw away from the main storyline.

In the main Campaign of Siege of Paris there is more variation intertwined with the missions, like the Infiltration Missions. These are call-backs to the previous Assassin’s Creed games and gameplay mechanics where you are given a target to hunt and it’s down to you on how you approach your target and how you choose to tackle the mission overall. This is a right turn towards the games of old where stealth is rewarded and much more satisfying when completed. Scouting the area and speaking to contacts in hope of finding a way to infiltrate an area or a secret passage is much more appealing than consistently bashing your way through troves of men.

Francia is a place of beauty in Valhalla’s latest content and there is so much to explore in this world, with events, hidden treasures, new weapons to cleave and maim your enemies and of course new armour to don. While the story is more of believable than the previous DLC, I feel that this is closer to what the Assassin’s Creed games are about and hopefully moving forward, Ubisoft steer towards these types of content in the future.


The Siege of Paris DLC is more of a traditional add-on to the world of Assassin’s Creed and a more realistic one, which I feel is the way to stay the course in the future. IF you loved what Valhalla as offered you so far, then you won’t be disappointed with your journey through Paris and Francia in Ubisoft’s latest offering.  

GoG Rating: 8/10