700+ Steam Summer Sale Games Streaming This GFN Thursday

GFN Thursday

The first of the month, this month, is a GFN Thursday celebration. The Steam Summer Sale now has over 700 PC games on sale that are playable on GeForce NOW.

And since it’s also the first GFN Thursday of the month, it’s time to check out the 36 games joining the GeForce NOW library throughout July. Including 11 titles joining the service this week.

Full Steam Ahead

What else could make a month full of games even better? Try starting it off with the Steam Summer Sale

GFN Thursday

Nearly every Steam game on GeForce NOW is participating in the Steam Summer Sale. In total, more than 700 of the games streamable from Steam on GeForce NOW can be found at discounts of up to 90% through July 8.

Attached is an easily sortable spreadsheet with a breakdown of the games, links to Steam store pages, discounts and sale prices. Feel free to repurpose as you see fit, including pulling out some of your favorites. With so many — it’s not just a marketing cliche this time — there’s actually something for everyone.

Games on GeForce NOW This Week

GFN Thursday kicks off the month with 11 additions, including Eternal Return: Black Survival, available in early access on Steam. Play this exciting MOBA/Battle Royale/ Survival game mixing strategy and mechanics. Choose one of the ever growing cast of characters, take on Lumia Island as one of the 18 players solo or with a team and prove your strength, ability, and wit this week on GeForce NOW.

The complete list of this week’s additions include: 

Titles Coming Throughout July

And, since it’s not just the first of the month, but also the first GFN Thursday of the month, we’re talking about the games expected to join the GeForce NOW library throughout the month. A total of 36 games are coming to GeForce NOW throughout July. That includes new day-and-date launches like Orcs Must Die! 3 (Steam), Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector(Steam and Epic Games Store), Alchemist Adventure(Steam) and many more.