6 Month GeForce Now – Get Crysis Remastered Free

GeForce Now

Can it run Crysis? With GeForce NOW, nearly anything can. New, paid six-month Priority or GeForce NOW RTX 3080 memberships will receive Crysis Remastered for free for a limited time.

This special bonus also applies to existing GeForce NOW RTX 3080 members and preorders, as a thank you for being among the first to upgrade to the next generation in cloud gaming. Current GeForce NOW RTX 3080 members will receive game codes in the days ahead; while members who have preordered but haven’t been activated yet, will receive their game code when their GeForce NOW RTX 3080 service is activated. 

Gamers and music lovers alike can also get hyped for an awesome entertainment experience playing Core this week and visiting the digital world of Oberhasli. There, they’ll enjoy the anticipated deadmau5 “Encore” concert and event.

GeForce Now

That’s not all — get ready for eight new games joining the GeForce NOW library this week, noted below:

  1. Combat Mission Cold War (New release on Steam, Nov. 16)
  2. The Last Stand: Aftermath (New release on Steam, Nov. 16)
  3. Myth of Empires (New release on Steam, Nov. 18)
  4. Icarus (Beta weekend on Steam, Nov. 19)
  5. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Gold Edition (North America, South America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea) (Ubisoft Connect)
  6. Core (Epic Games Store)
  7. World of Tanks (Steam)
  8. Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Steam)