World War Z Review

World War Z Review


World War Z is a four-player co-op shooter much in the same vain as the popular Left 4 Dead series. However, this is not just some mere clone but its in a league of its own and I would compare it more to The Division 2 than L4D, with the sheer amount of tension that the game puts out.

In World War Z the main campaign is broken down into four chapters that takes part in a major city across the world, New York, Tokyo, Moscow and Jerusalem. Each of these locations offer up three missions that you and your team can undertake which will have different goals for each of the survivors that play. Each chapter has its own back story, yet its easily forgettable and it never really feels gripping in a way that you would expect from a game such as this. Thankfully it’s the gameplay that will have you coming back for more that will see you blasting hordes of zombies that are hell bent on devouring each and everyone of you. This is were most of the games tension comes from as you try to survive the hordes coming after you as the seem never-ending and clambering over one another to get to you.

The zombies can be easily killed and will usual drop after a few shots but what makes them feel so overpowering is their numbers. Just like in the movie, these hordes of zombies just keep moving forward like a tidal wave towards you. The team over at Saber Interactive should be congratulated on a job well done for recreating the massive hoards that mimic their movie counterparts. Zombies climb over one another and build giant stacks as they climb over giant walls and throw themselves off bridges to try and get to you. The developers have achieved something amazing here when the game runs so smoothly as what feels like a hundred zombies running at you and explosions going off around you, you would be hard to notice any significant frame rates being dropped.

To help you combat the hordes of zombies that World War Z throws at you is the classes and their different abilities they have. As you progress through the game you can unlock skills for each class like the Healer class which lets you revive your team mates from a distance, which can come in handy when you are being surrounded by the hordes of zombies. There are plenty of skills and upgrades you can earn for your weapons that will aid you in your fight to survive the zombie hordes. Each character that you can play starts off with a weapon that accompanies their class, but thankfully as you are out in the field, you can collect different weapons that are scattered across each map. Every time you use a certain weapon, the more that weapon levels up, which in turn allows you to upgrade them to do more damage or improve the accuracy of the weapon. You can also add some attachments to your weapons like grips and silencers.

When it comes to the weapons you can have up to four weapons for dealing out some damage. A primary, secondary, a heavy and a melee weapon with each serving up some pain for the zombies. Primary weapons are you go to guys and mainly consist of assault rifles and SMGs with your secondary weapons acting as a backup like a grenade launcher. The crowd pleasers as I call them would be used for clearing hordes of zombies from your path.

World War Z’s PvP multiplayer in terms of online consist of five modes to choose from and these range from a King of the Hill mode, Deathmatch, Domination and Scavenge Raid and Vaccine Hunt, which is like a capture the flag mode. While none of these may appeal to some gamers, I found that the co-op mode is the only way to play and that teamwork you have works with the games core gameplay mechanics well. The only downside now is that you can’t have private lobbies with friends, but this is something that Saber Interactive are looking into and will be releasing an update in their roadmap content to give fans what they want. The only downside I found with these modes was that it was sometimes hard to connect to certain game modes, but this will hopefully be improved as the updates/fixes get released as time goes on.





World War Z is a lot of fun to play and has some intense encounters that will keep you coming back for more. If you are playing alone or with some friends, it’s always the same experience, massive hordes of zombies with insane amounts of carnage!


GoG Rating: 8/10

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