Racers are a plenty of our favourite games machines these days, whether we play on console or PC, there is plenty to choose from. So do we really need one more to add to the list? Well Codemasters seem to think so and with ONRUSH, they were correct!


Codemasters are well known for their serious racers in the past, with unbelievable amount of realism and depth. From their F1 games to their rally leading franchise DiRT, they were always about serious racing and getting you as close to the action and adrenaline of being there. With ONRUSH, they have taken a bit of a left turn, with its arcade feel and over the top action. The difference with ONRUSH is that while you are tearing it up on the tracks, there is no real finish line in the conventional sense. It is a race nonetheless, but with a twist. You have an objective in each race you partake in, where by you and your team need to work together to beat the other team. Each race is all about chaos and fun!


ONRUSH doesn’t seem to have much to offer at the start, it has a single player and a multiplayer and that’s it. Don’t be fooled however, as it’s what’s inside that makes it so much fun! In multiplayer mode, you have individual races, custom races and ranked races – which will be added later in a future update. The single player consists of a series of races, each of them have their own objectives/challenge to complete. While it may seem like the run of the mill single player experience, it’s not. There are a number of championships and in these championships, you can finish individual races as well as races in a series. The primary objective in almost every race is simply winning, but here and there you will also find races in which participation is enough to score points. You will receive points for each completed race and as that number increases, you will unlock more races. Winning races earns you points, and its these points that you need to unlock more races. The bonus and added replay-ability, is that there are optional objectives you can complete that will give you bonus points. These can range from smashing into a set number of opponent cars or driving through checkpoints in a countdown and if you really feel like showing off, you can try out some backflips too.



Each race has its own type/category and it’s how each race is defined. In Overdrive you need to try and boost as often as possible, the more boost you do, the more points you earn. Thankfully it’s not always down to just you and you are supported by your team to reach your goal. Everytime your team meter fills up you earn one point. In Overdrive you are racing to win three out of five to grab the win for your team.


Next on the list is Countdown and, in these races, you are charged with racing through checkpoints or gates. Each team has a collective timer and you need to keep that timer running. This can be achieved by driving through each of the checkpoints to give you those vital few seconds to try and grab that win for the team. It’s better to stick together and try to grab every checkpoint possible. If you start to miss these checkpoints, your timer drops quicker until it reaches zero and if that happens, you’re out!


In Lockdown a zone appears that is moving in front of you and it is the intention to drive as many team members as possible. Then the time runs out and as soon as the timer reaches zero, you score a Lockdown point. While this sounds like a challenge, it can be a bit of a nuance, if both teams have the same number of vehicles in the zone, they remain neutral, so it is important to beat the opponents out of them in order to grab control


Last but not least, there’s Switch and in these races you are focusing on eliminating opponents more than actual racing. Every time you knock or crash a car out the teams meter will decrease and it’s your goal to eliminate as many opponents as possible to get that Switch meter from the team to zero as quickly as possible in order to win the race.


In ONRUSH, each of the races you take part in are just pure fun and a continuing flow of chaos! Whether you are playing the single player game or online, everyone has a chance to grab victory, due to the games unpredictability and playstyle. There will always be something happening in the race whether it’s racers smashing into each other or slamming in to the environment. While it may sound like a prefect arcade racer, there is a few points that may sour your enjoyment, but only by a small amount. What I found a bit repetitive is the crash cam, which works in much the same way as it does in the Burnout series. Fun at the start and really satisfying when you wreck your opponent but gets old very fast. It is a shame that this option can’t be turned off, as it would have been nice not to have those couple of seconds taken away from the racing action!

Another point to know is that during certain races you may find yourself in the situation where you will find it difficult filling your boost meter. This is due to the fact that there may not be many additional vehicles to crash into for more boost or there’s not enough jumps to make to grab those vital boost points. You at times find yourself at the back of the back until you can fill up your meter and grab that RUSH! This Rush meter is only after several rounds and boosting constantly, once you have filled your meter you get a massive surge of speed along with some truly spectacular video effects as a result. I was hoping that more of these moments would happen, but there are not too frequent. These are just two of the little issues that niggled at me but didn’t ruin my overall enjoyment.


ONRUSH is one hell of ride and is pure entertainment that you could ask for in a racer. While it has enough in the single player races to keep you occupied, it’s the multiplayer racing that will keep you coming back for more. The soundtrack in the game works wonders alongside the mayhem that happens during each race and the visuals are outstanding to look at. A small niggling point would be the crash cam, while fun at the start, it can’t be turned off, and does get repetitive after a while. This aside, ONRUSH is a joy to play and feels the void of the Summer drought of games on offer.

GoG Rating:  9/10

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