NBA 2K19 Review



NBA 2K19 Review


For twenty years 2K has been making NBA games, which I myself started playing around back in 2005 with NBA2K6, so needless to say I love these games, even though there has been a few duds along the way.  This game is by far the best.  Seriously it plays, looks and sounds beautiful. It’s not without flaws of course, but “perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” (Vince Lombardi)


The game is smooth in everything you do, with defense harder to blow past as it was in previous versions.  Spamming the trick stick to chain together ridiculous crosses, spins and behind the backs will have an impact on your stamina, which then affects everything after that. Running plays, or simple pick and rolls are the key to being successful, not only in this world but in real life Basketball.  This makes for a fairer and more balanced game of Basketball.

Players familiar to the 2K series will notice an all new Takeover meter which players fill up by making good plays such as consecutive baskets, blocks or rebounds.  Once fill you can unleash this boost for a short period of time, giving your player a greater advantage to remain on a hot streak. There are nine Takeover archetypes in all, each affecting key areas such as shooting, passing, defense and rebounding.  Some star players have multiple Takeover abilities as well, and though this new feature isn’t a huge game-changer, it does highlight the fact that once NBA players get in a rhythm, they can literally take over games.

This years My Player takes control over “A.I” who after not being selected at the draft finds himself in China, playing for the Shanghai Bears.  Your player goes on a proper journey, from big headed idiot to NBA superstar.

NBA2K18’s story was terrible and had lots of un-skippable cut scenes, which thankfully this year 2K have included the option to skip by pressing and holding the A button. Also, after you have completed the ‘Prelude’ story part you have the option when starting a new career to skip straight to free agency and the NBA which is also a great option to have. 2K has thrown in some heavyweight acting talent to keep you interested though, Anthony Mackie (Avengers), Haley Joel Osment (Sixth Sense) and Michael Rapaport (Cop-Land) to name a few.

From China you move on to the D league then finally you are given a shot at the NBA, one game to launch your career.  Will you take this chance?  Or will you end up at the bottom again?  Will they “know your name”?

The “Neighbourhood” has had an upgrade as well, with everything feeling much more close by and centralized.  Pick up games in the park are in the same area now as team practice facility and gym. The Under Armor cages in a new section in the game where street ball and trampolines meet to bring some crazy NBA Jam style dunks and blocks.  As with last year, the Pro AM centre is where pro players can team up, the Ante Up building is the place to go for waging VC against other players in a winner take all games and there is also the various customising shops like barber, tattoo shop and apparel stores.  I definitely feel this is presented in a more accessible and user friendly way.


MyTeam is your card collecting, team building mode packed with challenges to keep players interested.  There is also several new modes introduced by 2K this year.  Triple Threat mode, which like the Neighbourhood pick up games places your best 3 against computer controlled or online opponents. 

When playing v the computer, teams are picked via a “Tipping Point” style machine that drops a ball which hits different pegs which not only pick your opponent but can offer prizes.

MyTEAM Unlimited is a competitive online mode that lets you bring your best lineup of 13 players to take on rivals across the world, with no restrictions on lineups.  Bring your best team and go!

Daily Trials, another new mode were players earn points for completing daily challenges.


My GM mode has two options, the classic GM mode and “The Saga continues” a text based story driven mode, which picks up shortly after the events of last year’s story.  Last year you had a choice between paths – you could choose to side with Bob Sanderson and the team relocates to Seattle, or you could spurn Bob and go back to your original owner and your team stays in whatever city you had chosen.

You can then pick a new city for your franchise, team branding and uniforms before scouting free agency and drafts to fill your team out.  I only played this for a short time, but remembering last years I’m sure it will be fun as long as you like reading!

And lastly, but probably my favourite thing about this game is 2KTV, presented by the lovely Rachel DeMita.  Not just a pretty face but a kick ass Basketball player too!

2KTV is a great time waster in between the loading screens, but also informative and rewarding when answering the questions throughput the show giving you free VC in return.





For me, 2K sets the bar for sports games, and each year they raise that bar a little more. My Career is a winner this year so far for me, making good improvements on last years game, with a great supporting cast with you along the way.

Microtransactions will always be a nuisance for a lot of players in this type of game, but this is the world we live in where a lot of players prefer to buy there way to better levels of player instead of putting the work in with skill.


GoG Rating: 9/10

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