Marooners Review

Marooners Review

Marooners from M2H is a party game that sees you control one of eight colourful characters. You start off with a select few, but as you progress through the game and level up, you can unlock more. Can it hold your attention enough to unlock them all?


Marooners is a straight-forward title, where after a few hours of play, you will have seen everything there is in the game. While most games of the genre do try to entertain you to keep you playing, this unfortunately does not.  There is only a handful of minigames that you get to play, and they don’t really jump off the screen at you. There are some nice touches, like battling on top of an active volcano while statues circling you are shooting out fireballs, while another will see you digging as fast as you can down a cave before everyone else before the screens edge wipes you out.

The game does offer up different game modes to try and make things more interesting for you, these are Party and Arena. The Arena mode is where you will fight against one another with the games combat system to be the last one standing and claim victory. Party mode is a more traditional mode where you will progress through various stages with the objective of trying to have the highest overall score of all the stages. Both Party and Arena also has two sub modes, linear or chaos. Linear option will see you move from one mini-game to the next until you reach the end. Chaos on the other hand picks all the mini-games at random, where the game pauses briefly and moves on to the next one, only to return to a previous game and continue. It’s here where madness ensues and is probably the best aspect of the entire game. It keeps the game flowing and makes everyone try to bring their A game. The Objective in each mode is to collect the most gold to win with an overall score.

Arena Battle


The combat is fairly basic in as well as the control system. You move you character around each level with the left stick and bash people with your weapon of choice with the B button. When you attack another character, it can feel clunky at times. This can add to the frustration of the game when you wonder how you were unable to hit your opponent, but they could easily hit you. This is more apparent when you both take a swing at the same time. The only time the controls seem to work fine is when you are running towards your objective, but it still feels a bit of hit and miss.


Marooners progression system is straight-forward enough to keep it simple and easy to keep track of. You can level up by collecting as much gold as you can in each mini-game. Each level you rank up will give you a new character or weapon to choose from. While this may seem worthwhile, it is worth pointing out that they rewards are only cosmetic and don’t offer up anything new to the gameplay or overall feel to the game. The weapons and characters that you get to choose from are fun and a bit crazy, where you can get to choose from a caveman to a deep sea diver.

Dig, dig, dig!


It’s not all doom and gloom though, as Marooners does let you play online. You can either play with 2-6 people and it’s a lot more fun than playing against the AI. To get the most out of the game, you should try to grab as many as you can for online play. The gameplay during online play is solid and there was not much in the way of any lag or dropped games during online matches.


Marooners won’t have you playing for hours on end, but there is fun to be had in the game. It has a kind of fun cartoon style to it with some crazy characters that’s easy to pick up and play. However, despite it shining in places, it’s the repetitive gameplay and clunky combat, that some may find it less than inviting to come back to.

Guardian Rating: 7/10

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