Snakebyte Head:Set X Review

Snakebyte Head:Set X Review


Snakebyte have been designing gaming accessories/peripherals for gamer for quite a while now. While they most have been part of PC gaming, they have recently moved their skills now over to the console market! Their Head:Set X headset for the Xbox One and is compatible with all versions of the Xbox One controller, thanks to the plug-in adapter. It’s also reasonable priced at £17.99 and is aimed more at the lower end of the market. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a cheap product, but is it what you are looking for in a headset?

Snakebyte Head:Set X Review

When you first take the headset out of the box, you realise that it’s a very compact headset unlike some of the headsets that are out today. While it may not look as meaty or chunky as other headsets, it does feel comfortable on your headset while in use. I really like the colouring of the headset too, with the classic Xbox black and green throughout. The ear cups sit on your ears and don’t cover your ears like most of todays headsets do. While they are comfortable to use and there is ample padding on each cup, it’s not ideal for when you want to us them on games like Battlefield or PUBG. As when you want to hear out for the enemy, you are subject to noise that’s around you.

You can tilt the ear cups which can help slightly, but I feel that if they were more like actual “cups” then you would get a better experience in your online play than what we get with them now. You can also extend the arms of the ear cups so that they can fit most gamers heads of all ages, but I feel a headset of this size would be better suited to a smaller sibling or one of your children who love to game on their Xbox. IF you are an adult or a large variety of head like myself, it can become uncomfortable at times, as I am so use to using my Turtle Beach headset, which I found more suited to my needs.

The Head:Set X comes with a detachable mic and is fairly sturdy when you compare it to the rest of the headset itself. You can manipulate it in any way you want that best suits your needs. The mic can be plugged in to the right ear cup and it’s easy enough to remove if just want to use the headset for anything else other than chatting in a party or to other gamers online. When you are using the headset there is never any issues of pulling it off your head. This is thanks to the cable between the controller and the headset itself. The cable itself is about 1.2m and is more than enough so that you can use the headset without getting tangled up in a gaggle of wiring. You also get a little volume control switch that lets you control the volume by moving the dial up and down to control the level of volume and there is also a mute switch on the front of it.

While the Head:Set X may look like your typical budget headset, you will be surprised at how good the sound quality is through the speakers. Gameplay comes through crisp and cleanly from what you would expect from a higher end headset, which is surprising for what Snakebyte are offering it to you for. That being said, you will need to have the volume turned up to the maximum level to get the best sound quality from your games. Some of the titles that I played didn’t sound as good as others but found having the volume at its highest helped out a bit. Also, the headset doesn’t offer up much in the way of directional sound either, and there is a fair amount of sound leakage due to the ear design of the headset. but it shouldn’t distract you in terms of overall enjoyment.

With the mic on the headset, I found that it may not reach around to your mouth. This is probably due to the overall size of the headset and would again be more suited to a younger gamer. Often your voice may not fully carry through in a party chat or in game due to the distance of the mic. Another point to note is, due to the size of the mic and how the ear cups are designed, you may experience some echoing. While you yourself may not experience it directly, it does have an impact on your party members who may get annoyed by the constant echoes of gameplay and chat.
I would mostly use it for offline play or for not verbal gaming if you want to use it online. It’s fine to use with out the mic, but if you are choosing to use it, be mindful of the echoes than can litter your party chats with friends and other gamers online.




While the Snakeybyte Head:Set X is not for everyone who is on the lookout for something new or different in a headset, I find it would be ideal to give to a younger brother/sister as a present for their first experience in gaming. The price tag alone makes it the obvious choice for a stocking filler this Christmas for the younger people in your family. Even though it’s not at it’s best when used in party chats, it will give you long periods of comfortable gaming when it comes to those single player experiences.


GoG Rating 7/10

The Snakebyte Head:Set X is available now from retailers for £17.99

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