Shadow of the Colossus Review

Shadow of the Colossus Review

Shadow of the Colossus was first released on the PlayStation 2 and is widely regarded as a classic. The game has had quite a following from fans of the game and even critics since launch in 2006. With Bluepoint Games back to do the remastered version, the developer gives Shadow of the Colossus some much needed attention and love.

The story is a simple one, a young man (Wander) who wishes to bring back the soul of a young girl (Mono) from the dead. To do this and restore her soul he must defeat 16 Colossi that are scattered across the land. While it’s a simple story like most adventure games, it tries to offer some twists and turns as you progress.

Shadow of the Colossus has some truly impressive visuals as you travel through its world. It shows vast plains, deserts and imposing mountains as they tower above you. It’s quite eerie at times but definitely a thing of beauty. Each giant Colossi that you come across, while intimidating are equally as breath-taking as the world they inhabit. Some of them take the form of humans in how they move, while most will resemble animals like birds of prey or an electric eel.

Each giant has its own weakness that must be figured out to defeat it. To defeat them, you must find their weak spots and plunge your sword into them. It’s all down to timing as each of the giants will trash about in an attempt to throw you off. You have to manage your grip in between your strikes as you can only hang on for so long if you’ve used all your stamina.

Once you have defeated one of the Colossi you take in their life essence and are then whisked back to the temple and to Mono. With each one defeated you’ll notice a change that’s occurring within Wander, but that’s almost a potential spoiler for those yet to play it.

With Shadow of the Colossus being a remaster of sorts, it does an amazing attempt at bringing some truly gorgeous visuals. With the visuals getting so much attention, I did find that the control system was as clumsy as it was before. As Wander traverses the land, it can feel like there is a slight delay in the time you press a button to what happens on screen. It can get a bit frustrating at times especially when you are hanging on to one of the Colossi for dear life! Add in the weird camera angles and your frustration almost reaches breaking point. It does make the games mechanics a little out-dated.


The remastered edition of Shadow of the Colossus is something of a worthwhile experience. It’s a visually stunning game with beautiful landscapes and towering giants. While there are those wow moments, it is let down by an obvious clunky and out-dated control system. This may not deter fans of the game, but it’s something that others may find it as a stumbling block.

GoG Rating: 7/10

Developer: Bluepoint Games

Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: Feb 7th 2018

Review copy provided free of charge by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

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