Uncharted Lost Legacy Review

Uncharted Lost Legacy Review

Uncharted Lost Legacy is probably one of the best looking games I have seen this generation. Though this time round you are not following the story of either of the Drake brothers. Instead we meet up with Chloe and Nadine. Some of you may remember Chloe from Uncharted 2 Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Then there’s Nadine which we met previously in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. She was a mercenary leader of Shoreline allied with Rafe Adler to try and find the Golden Tusk of Ganesh.

Uncharted Lost Legacy is a fun and engaging experience. The games puzzles and exploration being excellent and on par with the rest of the Uncharted games in the franchise. Beyond the highly-polished game play mechanics, the Uncharted series has been about story line and character interaction. What differs from Uncharted 4 is that there’s more of an open world feel to it.

Uncharted Lost Legacy
Uncharted Lost Legacy

The game play structure sees many of the game’s objectives are not just optional. It’s up to you in which order you would like to try first. There is no marker or beacon on the map indicating a “Mission Here” icon. It encourages you to explore the area and find them yourself which gives a natural feel to the game. While the game is not a giant sandbox adventure, you do get the sense that it is. All this without feeling overwhelmed or wandering about being lost.

One aspect that has not changed is that Uncharted The Lost Legacy can be played either by trying the stealthy route, or just going in all guns blazing. Obviously, going in like a mad person possessed is a far more difficult option than the stealthy approach. You still get the amazing set pieces that you come to expect from the Uncharted series. The game lets you experience them in any way that they choose. The addition of silenced weapons grants more opportunities for the stealth option. I love games that give you these kinds of options.

Out of the two protagonists, Chloe seems to approach her missions/adventures in her own way. This is more evident in what she carries in her pack. She uses a map that lets her mark areas of interest for later investigations. Rather than using a journal like Nate. She carries a mobile phone which she uses to take photos of objects and beautiful vistas. Of course she can then use them as reminders of clues for later. How handy would this have been for Nate in A Thief’s End? Chloe also carries with her a set of lockpicks. These allow her to crack open locked supply crates for weapons, ammo and treasures.

Nadine on the other hand is more a brute force when you compare her to Chloe. If you have played Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, you will remember Nadine. It was her who on numerous occasions would give Nathan Drake a right good beating. Her martial arts prowess is always on hand when you have to dispatch mercenaries quietly and efficiently. Rushing from the shadows to choke out a guard or cracking a kick to the head of another or simply snapping one of their necks without her even breaking a sweat.

Uncharted Lost Legacy
Uncharted Lost Legacy

The Western Ghats mountain range of India is a gorgeous place to roam about in and explore. Explore either on foot or by jeep. You’ll find collectables to gather up as well while you are on your journey. Hoysala Tokens are scattered about the place and there is 100 to collect. Snap up something special when you collect 11 of them, I’ll leave that for you to discover.

Visually, there are few games on any platform that can compete with this game. The series has always been one of the best in showing high levels of graphical fidelity. Uncharted 4 was a graphical masterpiece in terms of what it achieved. Another year on the same game engine has only added a new coat of polish, it looks amazing! While the action is engaging and pulse-pounding, it’s the quiet moments that really make these games great.

Tense cinematics complement the witty and excellent voice work of Claudia Black and Laura Bailey as the game comes to life. You can feel the tension between the two and at times they look uneasy with one another. Get a sense of what Chloe has gone through with her backstory, which could build up something interesting as a game of her own.

The opportunity to play with your friends is available. To ensure the multiplayer fan base isn’t fractured, the same content that was present in Uncharted 4 is included. Coming with all the multiplayer and survival mode maps they are cross-compatible with Uncharted 4. This means that all progress, unlocks etc. carry over seamlessly.

To add to all this, you’ll get a new Survival Arena mode for up to three players, tackling waves of enemies until the inevitable boss fights. All in all there is plenty of content to get your adventuring teeth into and with so much on offer. Naughty Dog have done an amazing job bringing another story driven game to the PS4 without signs of slowing.


Naughty Dog seems to grow from strength to strength with each title they release. After Uncharted 4 I felt it would have been hard to beat. Uncharted Lost Legacy has lost none of the quality and adds enough to the game that it keeps you wanting more. Stunning visuals with immersive story and gameplay, I can’t wait to see what’s next in the Uncharted series!

GOG Rating: 9/10

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