PUBG Weapons Guide – Xbox One

PUBG Weapons Guide – Xbox One

PUBG Weapons Guide - Xbox One
PUBG Weapons Guide – Xbox One

Okay, so you have jumped from the plane and the ground is fast approaching. What do you do? While at times, it does depend on where you land, there is also some luck involved too. The weapons can vary and in PUBG, there is plenty on offer to grab. So which are the best weapons in the game and which ones can help you grab your Chicken Dinner? Thankfully, we have come up with a PUBG Weapons Guide to help you with that.




P18C Pistol

First things first, the pistols that is in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are the same, with very subtle differences. The one that does stand out is the P18C, this is due to its fire modes. The P18C has 2 fire modes, single and auto. With the auto option it feels like you have a mini-uzi in your hands. While it has a lower damage rating than the other pistols, it does more damage due to its high rate of fire. This alone makes it the pistol of choice, especially when you add in an extended mag.




SK12 Shotgun

The one shotgun in the game that gives you a rapid-fire mode. It’s more suited to areas like Pochinki and the School, rather than somewhere like the Farm. It’s especially good up close and the damage output will take down anyone within 10-12 yards of you. This is also another weapon that will benefit with the extended mag attachment. A word of warning though, it’s useless in open areas, so keep it for those CQC moments.



S686 Shotgun

This shotgun is a double-barrelled gun and can be quite good in Solo games. If you can fire this off in close range, then you are almost guaranteed a kill. The only downside to this is it takes it’s time to reload unlike the S1897 and if you come up against more than one, your toast! Best advice, take your time and take the shot, otherwise you will be left staring at the business end of your opponent’s gun and an easy kill for them.



S1897 Shotgun

The S1897 is a pump action shotgun and like the S686, it can be quite good for close range. Due to it being pump action, you can fire off more shots quicker than the S686 too. What makes this shotgun better than the previous one, is that when a Choke is attached, it can be quite good at range shots as well as close-up encounters. So, if you get a chance, take it!



Assault Rifles


M16A4 Assault Rifle

The M16A4 is a favourite among many PUBG gamers, but I find it a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to its burst mode. I prefer using it as a single shot weapon, much like the AKM, it works well at a distance and as such, it fits perfect as a secondary weapon. This is more so when you have a 4x scope attached to it, for those long-range engagements. It’s just a shame that it can’t be fitted with an 8x scope as it would have been a more viable option than most on this list. However, once you have it with some attachments it can more than hold its own with the rest of the ARs. Any attachments you can find will improve the M16, so grab what you can, it’s more or less down to your own preference.



AKM Assault Rifle

The AKM is a weapon that is a must for me. Not only does it have the highest damage output, but you can also use it as an Assault Sniper. I treat it more as a secondary weapon than my primary one. While it’s not the best at close or medium range for those spray and pray moments, it does the job for long range single shots. It’s great if you like to pick people of at distance and it can take down anyone in 2 shots or less, unless they are sporting a level 3 helmet, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. The AKM does have a bit of a kick to it, but with the right attachments in place, it shouldn’t give you too much trouble.



SCAR-L Assault Rifle

Now on to my second favourite gun in the Assault Rifles. The SCAR-L is an amazing gun to have, as it can be used in a variety of ways. It absolutely excels in close to medium ranges, so it’s a weapon you can use for those pray and spray moments. While the single fire mode is not the greatest, I still prefer using the AKM or even the M16, it’s the auto fire option that is what you should have it on. While it’s not quite as good as the M416, you should definitely have this bad boy if you can’t find a M416 lying about. If you manage to grab a SCAR-L, the best attachments I would recommend grabbing, would be a silencer, extended mag, angled grip and either a 2x or 4x scope. This setup would make it a lot easier for you to clear out houses and taking out the last remaining opponents as you reach your Chicken Dinner.



M416 Assault Rifle

And so we end on what is my favourite weapon in the game. What can I say about the M416, except oh my sweet GOD!  This is probably my favourite weapon of choice and a must have for close to medium range targets. It’s got really low recoil when fired and does its fair share of damage to anyone who gets in its way. To top it all off, the recoil is basically non-existent when you are shooting from the hip.  What’s even more impressive is when you have the M416 equipped with the right attachments. You are basically setup for all situations as you edge closer to that Chicken Dinner. When it is fully kitted out with attachments there is little that will beat a M416 in most situations you come against. The only negative thing to say about the gun is that, if you are shooting at long range targets, you may not always get the desired results.




Tommy Gun

Tommy Gun SMG

This automatic pea-shooter is probably a gun you should be up as a last resort. To say I’m not a fan of this gun is an understatement. Which some may find strange, due to the Tommy Guns rate of fire. It has a higher rate of fire than the UMP, but yet the damage is so poor, why would you use it? Plus, without the lack of a scope, red dot or holographic sight, it doesn’t offer much in the way of anything other than a close-quarter weapon. I would prefer to have a Micro-Uzi or even a shotgun.



Micro-Uzi SMG

Speaking about the Micro-Uzi, this weapon is not a bad choice if you haven’t found anything like a Vector or UMP9. It can be quite devastating up close compared to the pea shooter we mentioned earlier. It runs on 9mm which is great as you can pick it up almost everywhere. Great for getting the drop on someone who is clearing a house a not realising you are in there with them. While it suffers at medium ranges, it is handy to have until you can pick up something else. I would rather have the Uzi than nothing at all.




The UMP9 is probably your best go to Submachine gun as it’s a solid option for those close encounters you will come across. The big advantage to having the UMP is the abundance of ammo you will have. The UMP, like the Uzi, uses 9mm rounds and again, they are everywhere. What makes the UMP extra special for me is that you can also use it at medium range too. It makes it a viable option if you were to run it with a sniper or even a AKM, if you have it setup as a sniper with the single fire mode and right attachments.



Vector SMG

The Vector while not the best in the SMG class, it is one of my favourites, due to its raw damage output. The only issue with the Vector is its low mags, which only holds 13 bullets at a time. This can be a nightmare when you are up against another player with more in their gun. If you manage to grab a Vector, you will need make sure you have an extended mag attached to it to compensate this. I find a holographic sight, foregrip and an extended mag, is the best setup for the Vector and for me it’s easily the best SMG in the game. However, if the game ends near an open area, you may have to ditch it in favour of something else.



Sniper Rifles


SKS Sniper Rifle

The SKS is a semi-auto sniper rifle and while its damage may not be as impressive as the KAR98k. It’s the rate of fire that makes it a solid choice if you can’t find any other sniper rifle. While the rate of fire is slightly lower than the Mini-14, its still a worthy gun to have if you can find either of the other 2 rifles. Once you have a good scope, a grip attachment and a silencer or flash hider, you are good to go with picking off your targets at almost any range. The best thing about the SKS is that you can use it at a distance or if you choose to, play a bit more aggressive and get up nice and close to your target.



KAR98k Sniper Rifle

This sniper rifle by far has the best damage among those on offer. It’s a bolt-action rifle that lets you down anyone with one shot who is not wearing a level 3 helmet. If you manage to grab an 8x scope or the elusive 15x scope, you will then probably have the most lethal weapon in the game. The only downside is that with it being a bolt-action rifle, you need to make sure you have your aiming down to a tee. This is due to the time it takes to line up and adjust your aim after each shot, but it’s a fair trade off for such a weapon.


Mini 14

Mini-14 Sniper Rifle

The Mini-14 is my M416 of the sniper rifles. It’s my go to gun as it’s an all-rounder for me. I find it can be used in almost every situation. If you have an 8x scope, it can be used at long distances like the Kar98 and SKS. While having a red dot or holographic sight attached to it, can be used up close if you wish, thanks to it’s higher rate of fire than the SKS (if you can press the trigger fast enough that is). While the damage is slightly weaker than the SKS, the rate of fire more than makes up for it. The only downside to the Mini-14 for me would be the vertical recoil, so you will need to attach a compensator or silencer to it, to have a more stable weapon. It’s definitely worth the trade off and I would always try to grab one where possible, if not for myself, for one of my Squadies.


While there are high-tier weapons like the AUG, M249 and the AWM sniper rifle. I have decided not to add these due to them being found in the care packages that get dropped by the cargo plane flying overhead and during gameplay. The chances are slim for everyone to manage to get their hands on these weapons. If you would like us to add these weapons, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Twitter account.

We hope you enjoy our guide and find it helpful. Thanks for stopping by!

For the moment, that’s all we have on the Xbox One version, but there is more weapons coming in future updates.


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