Ninja Theory Today Announces Senua’s Scholarship

The guys over at Ninja Theory are true heroes in my eyes! Not only have donated over $100,000 towards Mental Health America organisation in the US. They have now started Senua’s Scholarship in the UK!  What does this mean? Well today they have announced that they are continuing their collaboration with Cambridge Recovery College East with the mission to fund a scholarship that will help a student to train and become a mental health tutor each year. This is an amazing opportunity for so many people out there who want to help those with mental health issues and to give back in their careers. 

Ninja Theory Today Announces Senua’s Scholarship


The first video below which shows Dom Matthews and Tracey Bartlet explaining more about the Senua’s Scholarship. The 2nd video goes into more detail about Senua’s psychosis, which is one of the main focal points of the game . The video also goes on to explain how they have teamed up with various experts in the mental health profession and what recording techniques were used to create Senua’s voices that she hears in her mind through-out her journey. 


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