Microsoft announces Xbox One Sport White Special Edition Controller


Microsoft has announced a new controller that just screams SPORT! The Xbox One Sport White Special Edition Controller, looks like something straight out of your local sports store. It wouldn’t look out of place next to your trainers or even footie or tennis gear.


Xbox One Sport White


The Sport controllers d-pad is white with mint green and silver, and like the Combat Tech Edition controller has a rubber patterned grip for enhanced comfort. It also comes with the new standard  3.5mm headphone jack and Bluetooth for connecting to your Laptop/PC and most tablets that you may have lying around in your home.

For those of you who are lucky enough to live in the US or Canada, can grab one on July 31st, for the rest of us peasants outside of US/Canada. Well we need to wait a little longer, but thankfully it’s just until August 7th! In certain regions the controller is also bundled with a 14 day trial of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. If you are like me and love your Xbox One controllers, grab your pre-order today by clicking the link below!


Pre-Order @ £59.99/€64.99

If you want a little something extra to go with your sexy new controller, Microsoft has also announced the Xbox Pro Charging Stand. The Sport White Special Edition Xbox Pro Charging Stand is a premium charger offering a sleek design and a seamless charging experience. Each one of these charging stands come with a battery cover, rechargeable battery, and 6-foot power cord. The Charging Stand comes in at $49.99. Everything you need to make sure you never miss a beat when playing on Xbox Live.

Have fun!!

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