Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review


So when Activision/TreyArch first announced that it was ditching the Campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, I have to be honest, I was left scratching my head. Why? Why remove a portion of the game that most gamers and fans of the franchise loved so much over the years? Is it all bad though?

Call of duty black ops 4
Black Ops 4 – Prepare to Fight!

When you first load up Black Ops 4, you can see that the Single-player campaign has been given a swift kick and are just left with the Multiplayer game. When you look a little deeper however you get a bit more than you first thought. While you get the traditional game modes like Team Deathmatch and Domination and the Zombie mode that Black Ops is known for, you now also get Blackout.

This game mode is the equivalent to Fortnite/PUBG but with Treyarch’s own variation of the genre. What you get is a fast and fluid experience within the Call of Duty world. This map while can vary from different areas on the map, it quite tight. It feels a lot more natural in terms of what it contains, with buildings and areas like; railway stations, constructions and futuristic looking homes. Some of these are from previous maps you would have played in previous CoD titles. While it gives you all tension of PUBG, it adds in the Call of Duty perk system. These range from increased health and being able to spot gear through certain walls and they really become an advantage to you when the map closes in around everyone as the numbers start to dwindle fast!

Call of duty black ops 4

 As with other battle royale games, it’s a lot better with friends as you creep about the deserted buildings and along roads/highways. Trying to grab as much gear as possible without someone sneaking up on you is always a frantic few seconds, but part of the fun! The gunfights when you do encounter other players, turns into a CoD style battle that we are all accustomed too. Guns and grenades have the same lethality as in previous games. Add to the hectic gun battles on the ground, you also have helicopters flying about that it truly feels like a unique Call of Duty Battle Royale game and so it should be.


When you have had your fill of Blackout mode, which you may not, but if you do, then there’s the Zombie mode that provides a selection of challenges to get involved with. Each of the maps on offer have secrets to uncover, traps and it’s all part and parcel of exploring and working on how to try and evade the undead that is littered about the map. Visually the environments are interesting and can feel like being trapped in a maze. This mode is great for playing with friends as you get a feeling of panic, even if its selfish panic and you are just looking after your own skin. It also bands you together knowing that you will be far better to survive in a group than being all alone. Zombie mode has always been a fan favourite and those who love this mode will not be disappointed and will have their hands dirty and be loving it by the end of their first game!

The standard affair of multiplayer game mode on offer are; Team Deathmatch, Control and Heist. Team Deathmatch is the bread and butter of online shooters and you are tasked with killing everything in sight to achieve your win. In Control you must protect two key points on each map which is a variation of capture the flag. The teams change between attacking and defending two pre-determined objective areas. First team to win three rounds wins the match. Each team gets a collective 25 lives per round. Once those lives are used up, you lose. Attackers need to either capture both objectives or burn through the defences’ 25 lives to win. Defenders either take out enemy lives or simply run out the clock. It’s a game mode that fosters and rewards a cooperative, calculated style of play.

Heist mode is a no respawn challenge and its where the teams must compete to grab a bag of cash and extract it, it feels like a PayDay clone, but it’s more like the old Search and Destroy modes. The maps are decent and range from crumbling courtyards to cityscapes. You can win rounds by extracting the cash, or simply by gunning down the entire enemy team. While it sounds easy, it’s not as straight-forward, as you can revive your teammates. When you are shot, you don’t die instantly but are knocked down and if your teammates are quick enough, can come to your aid and revive you. While it sounds like a Last Stand perk, it’s not as you can’t shoot while you are knocked down. You must crawl around in hope that a teammate reaches you in time, as it only takes a bullet or even a punch to finish you off and remove you from the round. Playing with friends in this mode is a must as it’s all about team work to survive and win.

All out war

While it looks as though Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has just done a carbon copy of PUBG/Fortnite, and removed its Campaign, it has its own uniqueness added to it that distances itself from the two. With the familiar Call of Duty experience, well-balanced weapons and responsive controls and add in its high-speed action on top of it, it’s frantic enough like a CoD game with all the tension that comes with a Battle Royale game. This is where I feel it has the edge over the others and hopefully Treyarch/Activision can improve on it.   While it may not tear away the die-hard fans of Fortnite or PUBG, it will offer up an alternative for players who are looking for more natural military type gameplay.





Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a high-speed, frantic shooter as ever before but without the single player thrown in. While some may feel it should have never been left out, Treyarch has give fans a bit more in terms of online mayhem to more than make up for it. It may be not be to everyone’s liking, but it if you can get past that, then they have delivered on what every Call of Duty fan love. It’s online frantic warfare!


GoG Rating: 8.5/10

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