Snooker 19 Review

It’s been a few years since we all got to play a proper Snooker title that replicated the sport accurately. Fans of the sport have been waiting for a game that truly represents a sport that they love and thankfully after what feels like an eternity, LAB 42 stepped in with Snooker 19. Check our review inside!

Snooker 19 Gameplay Trailer

Are you ready for a new Layer of Fear?

Fear is what can control you, it can make you stop in your tracks or make you stronger by facing them. Will you be ready to face your fears? Well now you will soon get your opportunity to face an all new layer of fear in, Layers of Fear 2! Check out inside for more

Razer Ripsaw HD Capture Card Review

Razer has always been about gaming when it comes to their products, from their Kraken Pro gaming headsets to their Razer Blade Gaming Laptops. They have everything and anything you need in relation to gaming. So, when they announced their latest capture card the Razer RIPSAW HD, I was delighted to get a chance to test it out!! Check out our thoughts inside…

GeForce RTX Gaming Laptops – Bring the World of Metro Exodus to Life

To celebrate the recent launch of the post-apocalyptic adventure Metro Exodus from Ukrainian developer 4A Games, and the announcement of the world’s first ray-tracing gaming laptops powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX. Check inside for more info…

Metro Exodus Review

Razer announces the Razer Ripsaw HD Capture Card

The Razer Ripsaw HD is a compact external capture card with pro-grade features to meet the demands of broadcasters requiring high frame rate, detailed footage and crisp audio. Capturing video in Full 1080p HD at 60 frames per second, the Ripsaw HD is designed for super smooth gameplay recording and live streaming. Check inside for more information.

World War Z Release New Gameplay Trailer!

World War Z’s co-op campaign takes place across four episodes, each containing three chapters, set in New York, Jerusalem, Moscow and Tokyo. Before diving into a chapter, you will need to select a class and weapon loadout.  Check out the latest gameplay trailer inside!

The Division 2 Review

You are once again an agent of The Division. This time however, you are tasked with taking on the Hyenas in Washington D.C. and try to restore some order if possible, but can you? Check out our full review inside…


With Love, From SEGA… A letter from an old friend

It’s always nice to receive a well written letter of love or admiration. For gamers, there is no better way that to receive a letter from an old friend(gaming). Check inside for more…

With Love, From SEGA

Streets of Rage 4 Trailer Revealed!

It’s time to hit the streets and RAGE once more! Streets of Rage 4 Reveal trailer shows off our dear friends Axel and Blaze reunited and dishing out… Check out the trailer inside!


Deep Silver and 4A Games are happy to announce the release of the Metro Exodus ‘Ranger Update’ today. This free update adds a host of new features and more! Read more inside now!

Metro Exodus

Farming Simulator 19 – The Anderson Group Equipment Pack DLC is out now

Farming Simulator 19, the biggest and best Farming Simulator ever, expands today with the Anderson Group Equipment Pack DLC! GIANTS Software and Focus Home Interactive are excited to deliver various additions and equipment from the titular manufacturer, enhancing the baling aspect of the game. Check more inside, plus a trailer too!


Finally, our Big Break is here! Snooker 19 Launches Spring 2019!

The wait is over and we finally get an official trailer and some details that will make you go Snooker loopy about Snooker 19! Check inside for more…

Snooker 19 Gameplay Trailer

New World War Z Dev Diary released today!

World War Z, the highly anticipated co-op shooter inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster film. This behind-the-scenes video dives into the game explores how the movie’s iconic images of zombies swarming en masse over anything in their path. Check inside for more!

Anthem Review

Have you ever wanted to feel like Iron-Man? Fly about in an advanced fighting suit and be a hero? Well thanks to BioWare you now can, well sort of. Check our review inside!

Past and Present Collide in Time-Bending New Mortal Kombat™ 11 Story Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios today released the new Mortal Kombat™ 11 Story Trailer, introducing an original, time-bending narrative that continues the franchise’s epic saga. Check out the trailer inside

Mortal Kombat 11

Trials Rising Review

Eat dirt and taste victory! That is slogan that RedLynx have gone with and it works with all the crashes you will have. It’s been quite a while since we last jumped into a Trials game with Trials Fusion being the last title back in 2014. It kept us entertained until we heard about Trials Rising, but does it give the fans enough to warrant a new game? Check out our review inside!

New Trailer for A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence is the brand new own-IP title from Asobo Studio, bringing their veterancy in game development to a moving story of adventure and bonding through the darkest hours of history. In today’s Story Trailer, see just a glimpse of the heartbreaking tale of young Amicia and her brother Hugo, on the run from the Black Death. Check out the trailer inside!

Metro Exodus Review

The year is 2036 in post apocalyptic Russia, warring factions and mutants roam the the harsh wasteland.  The world was ravaged by nuclear war 23 years ago, causing whatever life that remained to morph into terrifying creatures and what waits for you outside. Read our review inside!

METRO: EXODUS Will Ship with Photo Mode

Zombies are Coming! New World War Z Trailer

Saber Interactive has just dropped the latest gameplay trailer for World War Z. The highly anticipated co-op shooter inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster film, is expected to launch in stores April 16, 2019 on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.  Check out the latest trailer inside!

Crackdown 3 Review

Crackdown was always a game that I loved playing and when it first released in 2007. Running and jumping about in a fictitious city as a super-solider…. Check out our full review inside!

Crackdown 3 Review

Ubisoft Release New Trials Rising Trailer

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for it’s upcoming title Trials Rising and details what they have to offer us Trials fans over the next year and we are in for a real treat! Check out the trailer inside now!

Resident Evil 2 Remake Review

Resident Evil 2 is much more than a just a remake. It’s a call back to form from Capcom. Who were letting the once great series turn into a call of duty Michael Bay fest. The fans were crying out for a return to the survival horror routes for which the series was a pioneer off. Read our review inside!

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